Hello from Bristol, UK

Hi everyone,

Wanted to join for a long time, but have only just been given permission to. I have been cuckolded for the last two and a half years by my wife. Oddly, this was entirely my wife's idea, rather than something I put forward, as a solution to a dull sex life and lack of passion. It started out quite equal, with us going to swingers clubs together, and generally both participating. We had a lot of fun. About a year in she settled on a couple of regular guys and I started to become more of an observer. Sometimes I took photos / video, sometimes I just watched or listened from the hallway.

In the last 6 months things have changed a bit, and my wife has become more demanding and assertive. Her preferred bull is very dominant, and they have both started to treat me as the cuck I clearly am. This has led to me cleaning up (both him and her) and more restrictions on what I am allowed to do.

What's the attraction for me? Aside from the general feelings of subservience and humiliation, for me it's the little things, like the look on my wife's face, or the little noises she makes that I have never heard before.

She has now given me permission to join this forum as an outlet for my sexual frustrations, and to meet other cucks (and bulls) to share experiences. I am allowed to post some photos, so will do so shortly.

Good to meet you all.