Hello All

So I deleted most of my photos the other day thinking of it shamefully but I feel like the rawest, realest, hottest fantasies (to come true) naturally come with some shame. A friend on here did a pretty good job of photoshopping to put across the idea and I wasted it by deleting them. Truth is it wasn't a fake profile or whatever. It's 100% real the situations at hand right now. There is a disconnect in my mom and dad's relationship and a problem need be solved. I'm an intuitive person and I know a big black cock would be the answer. I guess I kind of held back because idk if I could go thru with my mom being dominated by bbc. But I know it would be helpful. Sorry this post is more than a mouthful (no pun intended). What are y'all's thoughts?
Well I'll tell you how it's flowin.. My mom is very stressed out everyday because she has needs. My dad just can't seem to come around and try and solve the problem due to medication he takes.. Therefore there is an obvious disconnect and has been for awhile. I'm sure my mom has thought of hopping on that big black train to glorious, utter satisfaction as her boss at work is a larger black man. But hasn't gone all the way thru with it. I know it would literally be salvation for her and I do want what's best. So I suppose that's how it flows.
Let me know if you'd like a preview of what you would be working with. I have some pics on here. And remember she has never had a BBC or anything even close.... This would be an initiation.
My dad's only about 4 inches and she hasn't even got that in awhile. I'm assuming your packing at least 7 or 8 inches of dark meat. So you would really breaking her in something serious. Serious stretching..