Hello all!


Urban Dervesh

Hi everyone!

I am new around here but not new to "hotwivery"--actually have had the pleasure to be both a "cuckold "thru my exwife as well as an exgf as well as the "bull" thru my relationship with 4 hotwives that I have known intimately.

my exwife loved mfm or mff where i wasnt the m, lol. The gf used to go visit ex bfs or, in a few cases, developed relationships with a few married guys that we both knew. None of them knew that i knew about her activities so it was ver interesting and super sexy. i just loved it when she would text me saying that she just got fucked hard and was in the bathroom cleaning up, lol.

I found the hotwives thru electronic fora such as swappernet, Craigslist, backpage, etc. while I have been with several, the four I mentioned earlier were actual sustained relationships. One was in Framingham, ma just outside Boston. She was a high school teacher for kids with special needs. Very sexy: slim, submissive, regular yoga practitioner. Our thing was to have her hubby drop her to see me in a motel and then leave w a key. He would normally come back about 45 mins later only to see me on top of his wife with legs spread wide and my cock deep inside her. The first time I put on this show for him, he came in his pants! The other experiences were similar but of course I catered to the specific desires of the couple.

Generally, I am an educated guy with a mixed Afghan and East Indian heritage, a great job and a seriously perverted and deliciously kinky mind. I am 35, 5'9", hwp, a martial artist (so pretty fit), and am here to find adveturous hotwives or couples who want to experiment with a respectful, empathetic, and fun guy.