Hello! 40's cuck cpl.

She came forth and admitted it to me after about a year. I wasn't shocked as id been suspecting for awhile. She wanted to keep our marriage strong but not stop the affair with him. I admitted it turned me on thinking about her fucking her Black boss and let her dictate how it was going to go. She didn't want me seeing anyone else but her and her affair with Alvin lasted another year when his wife found out and she left the job. Since then,her passion is for younger,aggressive Black men and has had many in and around our area.


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Hello and welcome! Hope you find what you are looking for and have fun doing so. A couple of things you might consider to help your journey. One would be to add some information to your profile page. The other would be to verify as a real person. It is very easy to do and helps everyone know you are for real. I have attached the link for you.