hedonism 2 or hedonism 3


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Im thinking about going on a vacation with my girlfriend to one of the hedonism resorts in jamaica. Anyone here have any experiences or opinion on these 2 resorts, id love to head back about it.


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Hedo 3 is closed. (been there many times) We went to Hedo 2 a few weeks back. It is a fun place. We found most days three or four single black guys in the hot tub looking for fun. The resort is run down but we heard it was just sold and the new owners are putting $$ into it. It was a good time just do not expect much yet anyway. Food is ok, room are worn. The people and staff are fun. The next time we will book Sandals Negril (right next store) and buy a day pass when we want to play


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been to both places and it was in hedo 2 i got my first black cock, and never stopped getting it!!
hedo 3 was nicer, newer and pity it closed down, hedo 2 is run down but still a nice place. walk down to end of the beach and you will come across a black guy selling wood carvings he has a horse cock, OMG


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Went to Hedo 3 had a very good time but I heard it was closed so when we go back we care going to 2. Looking forward to it.
yes!! but not as good as hedo. half the resort in hedo is nude, while other resort only have a tiny piece of the beach nude. not much fun, while in hedo you can walk nude back to your room if your on the nude side, we stayed on the prude side because it was cheaper and still walk nude every day back to our room.


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