Head games

Well were to even start,
My wife is a beautiful woman with a perverted mind and a extreme desire for interracial sex.
She started this about six months ago and ramped up all aspects of it seemingly with each passing day.
First she just wanted to try BBC sex and she ended up getting her way. Then she started pursuing the next big black cock she could find and let me tell you living in the DC area has made that extremely easy for her.
She has several very well endowed black friends now. Not one of these guys is under 10" with her favorite being the size of her forearm!...unreal to say the least.
She got me to watch a few times and that really set her off and now she's turned into some kind of monster.
She's now developed such a nasty mouth on her and some pretty devious things that seem to just get her off so damn hard.'
Nothing quite like hearing your wife tell her friend...." show my husband exactly why my married white pussy deserves your big black dick!"
....." oh I'm gonna cum baby , watch and listen to how your wife really loves it! WOW
She never really liked to suck dick, now she's a fucking pro at it. Never would even consider anal sex, now it's a normal occurrence.
Now getting to what has to be her biggest freakish head trip.....her wedding ring! A $15,000 ring that she doesn't usually wear because she says she's afraid to lose it. However she wears every single time during her sexual encounters with all her BBC friends. That's not even the kicker. The kicker is that she loves to get these guys all stimulated over the fact that she wants them to bust their big ass cum loads all over her wedding band. If you don't think guys get worked up over that kind of shit think again. They both get locked into this extreme ego trip and these guys are having some seriously unreal orgasms. Just getting off so hard covering my wife's little white hands in a ton of cum. Basically making it disappear from site. Such a powerful thing for these guys that several want to finish that way almost every time and she always lets them. She has no problem putting those cum soaked fingers in her mouth either. This stuff is the shit that makes me have butterflies in my stomach and have a very hard time swallowing. I know this is physiological ecstasy for her and I know she's just barely gotten her feet wet in the big picture. I don't think there is anything she's not capable of doing!.....Somebody help me.