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1.jpg Last month my wife, Georgia, and I were at a cocktail party at a friend’s house. We were talking with the host of the party when he introduced us to Darnell, a handsome black business associate of his. Darnell was married, but he was at the party alone since his wife was off visiting family.

Darnell asked Georgia to dance and as they did he told her how beautiful she was and how attracted he felt to her. Georgia could feel the bulge in his pants and was thrilled by the way he held her while they danced. As the song ended, Darnell told Georgia that he’d like to see her alone before he left, and she told him she’d have to think about it. Then she came over and told me everything.

When she asked me what I thought, I said, “Go for it, but I want to watch.” She told Darnell what I had said and he agreed.

When the time came, we slipped upstairs to the bedroom where their “chat” was supposed to take place. I sat in an easy chair and Georgia sat on the side of the bed and not a minute later Darnell walked in. As soon as the door was shut, he immediately grabbed Georgia and began kissing her. He squeezed her ass as they kissed and my wife loved it. Then he found the zipper on the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down so Georgia could slip out of the dress. As soon as my wife was naked, Darnell quickly undressed, too.

As he laid Georgia on the bed, she told him that he was the first black man she’d ever been with. When he told her that his wife was white, it thrilled her even more for some reason, and she immediately moved to suck his huge cock.

Next Darnell maneuvered to go down on her, and after only a couple of minutes of eating my wife, he mounted her. It was awesome seeing a big black guy on top of my tiny white wife.

As soon as he got his huge cock inside her, he started pumping away, and Georgia did her best to meet him stroke for stroke. Soon, Darnell came with a groan, and so did she before he got off her. As they relaxed, Georgia gave him our number and he said he’d call next time he was around.

The minute he was gone, I hurriedly got out of my clothes and mounting Georgia’s stretched, sloppy pussy. I fucked her quickly and added my load to Darnell’s. After that we rejoined the party, Georgia’s cunt full of two men’s come.

We'll see him again soon.