Have you met anyone off this site?

have you met anyone off B2W?

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Im wondering whether there is any actual experiences people have had from this site! If so, please share these experiences...

Mariposa blanca

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If you mean just actually met, yes, I have. If you mean sex, then no. Was supposed to get together with somone this past Monday, but something happened and he had to cancel.


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Met one couple a few weeks ago. Went well, they were exactly who they claimed to be. It took a good amount of time for me to actually meet someone though!
I have not met anybody from this site yet, although I am open to and looking forward to it...even if it takes a while. The circumstances just have to be right and the person local.


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A female friend and I met up with someone on here. She was still not ready to go all the way, but the three of us still had a good time and got to know each other. Hoping to meet more people on here.