Have you given your bull something hubby never got?


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Haven got an actual bull yet, still working on that. But when i met hubby i always insisted he used a condom. It was many months of going out before i let him go bareback. With any black guy i have been with now i havent used a condom once, hubby cant believe it as i was so fussy before!
Yeah I bet many white women give the bulls something they hubby never gets the satisfaction of knowing she's realy having an orgasm and not having to fake it to make hubby feel good pmsl while he's pumping his big dick in her pussy depths her hubby never been her toes curl legs shake eyes roll round in her head a real big O lol
You'll need to be gentle with that love tool of yours if you want my ass. You would reach places no one has ever gone before lol. ;)
I'm sorry I in africa, I would be your lover I would satisfy you really look at the picture of my penis what do you think?


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I'm able to give an answer for my wife. Axel, our black friend, who had been her boyfriend before me, cummed twice into her mouth, despite it doesn't like her too much.
Recently my wife and him had sex into a swimming pool and both of them could cum. Some years ago Susie and me were alone into a swimming pool from a female friend's house which we were watching during our friend's holidays. I asked Susie to have sex in the water because I was really turned on, but she refused to do it saying the neighbors could hear us. We had sex later in a room but it was not the same. But she didn't any kind of inhibitions when I asked her to have sex with Axel in the swimming pool some weeks ago!
I love the attitude of CuckCpl4BBC. That is the attitude my Wife has toward me. She never rims me. However She does it for all of Her black Bulls and many of Her clients (She is a mature escort). She also never squirts with me but does with Her primary Bull.

As a cuckold and Her servant, I accept this.