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have you ever told your hubby...?


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I don't have to tell him, he can see for himself, my partner has asked me to explain why, but it is different, partners are warm and wash over me, whereas BBC are violent, body-shaking explosions
Well I told him this because I was still gasping of pleasure after my ex fucked me in front of him. It's weird but when i said him this, my hubby turned on even more...he didn't turn angry.
I had never said him anything as humillate as this but I couldn't resist myself. That fuck was the wildest and best fuck I've ever had in all my life. Thanks to understand!
I have told my hubby the followng:
  • That I came in every position he fucked me
  • That my pussy was sore as hell and that I was so strectched that I had bladder problems after. LOL
  • That when he came inside me I could feel it shooting and hitting the back of my pussy with it up against cervix
  • That I was dripping so much that I I could feel my wetness running down my ass
  • That I love sucking his dick and the feeling of it between my tits.
  • That I would love to let decent size BBC try to fuck me in ass
  • That the guy came so much in my pussy that when I sat down to pee and clean up that it just dropped out of my pussy and was running out forever as there was so much inside me.
  • When hubby though I was done and got enough I turned and said hey, no I want him to fuck me again.
  • Have told him that I wanted him to fuck me without a condom on
  • That I wanted to be filled up full of cum.
  • That when a guy came inside me doggy I felt like I was going to pass out and seen stars and it felt like it would shoot of of my head.. LOL
  • That I loved the way when the guy was eating me in back of expedition as he was licking my ass too and it felt so good.
  • That if I met an old BBC lover after not seeing for a few years when him and I were talking one time on FB for coffee like planned that I was most likely going to end up in expedition sucking his dick and getting fucked raw as probably could not help myself and would go there thinking to be nice girl but knew I would end up with that BBC in my mouth and pussy and cum in my pussy and on face and tits.
Too many to mention. LOL
Your honesty is an absolute turn on, I can't see why any hubby that is supporting you in this lifestyle would be anything other than happy.
For me, my role as a supportive cuck is to ensure that my wife gets the best, most fun and enjoyable experience possible.