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Have you ever been caught pounded by Lover when hubby sudeenly walks in

My wife can fuck who ever she wants so no big deal. But to answer your question, no I've never walked in on her. She has been caught by other people though.

One time while still in high school, her mother caught her getting fucked in the basement. She actually had a view of his cock in her pussy.

Another time, a friend of ours was fucking her in his car and when she opened her eyes, a cop was smiling in the window.


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Has it ever happened to you that your hubby doesn't know about your lover and when your were busy in act with him, hubby suddenly walks in
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That happened me once but in reallity my husband didn't caugh us by surprise. It was during the time my ex boyfriend was visiting us (like you know, we had a trio by those days). My husband and me had been arguing for several motives. I told him I was going to call my ex to have sex. My hubby came at home when we were on bed fucking. He wished to assist us, but I refused.
He insisted, so my ex asked him to put one of his fingers into his ass. My hubby put his middle finger into my ex's butt and massaged his prostate área while he continued fucking me in missionary. That helped my ex to cum.
It's not perfectly on-topic, but I have been caught with a (black) man by his live-in girlfriend. We heard her open the front door and we just bolted up; I threw some clothes on and ran out of there. She was yelling some crazy black woman nonsense at me and he held her back.

He eventually left her for me and we were boyfriend and girlfriend for over six months.