Have people judged you?


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Ginger confided to a friend abiout her obsession with bbc....and gang bangs......tehy friend had a fit....not about black vs white, but about being "used' by so many men, having no self respect, "you cant feel good about yourself lying on the floor covered in semen....."....

Ginger was shocked...this wasnt exactly a prudish-friend......

What reactions ahve you ladies had when youve disclosed your "hobby"?
Sex is still a taboo in America. Becoming a cum dump and telling you friend may need to be revisited, Silently and only to community members. I would think...... as a guy........ you know...... I'm just saying..... Uh, I want to cum on you!


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When I mentioned to some white girls that I liked watching interracial porn they thought I was gay for some reason, they didn't like the black guys also. Maybe they just didn't want to admit it to others. I live in Alabama, but there is IR sex here, maybe mostly in the more urban or lower income areas.
oh baby'' you just better keep your lust to people you trust ! im in alabama and it's not easy to find with out looken '' people do like to talk this interracial site is the best out their to post and work some thing up with people like minded so good luck !
My wifes family is so narrow minded (and I do get along with them now after a year of them shunning me because of me being white XD) she confided to me unless i expressed my interest to her it probably would have remained a fantasy. There are allot of frustrated and jealous people out there I know what my wife is like so we keep it a secret not because we are ashamed but sad to saay it simply makes life easier. Its a pretty private thing overall for all concerned and should be. I don't mind it reamining a naughty secret only she and I know :happy:. My wife may look innocent but we are pretty settled with this now.
my wife has changed her looks a lot since talking about this and its amazing how many people comment on just that, when she starts dating someone i dont see any way that she would be open with someone about wanting to date or when she does start dating to tell anyone. people just arent ready for it yet around us
For those who may not know of my situation, I've lived with custody of my biracial grand daughter for over a year. She is the love baby of my own white daughter, Shaleen, and her slightly older black father, Desmond. Although my story is long and complicated,.let me be the first to say that life can sometimes throw a woman a real curve.
Shaleen had little Darcie in prison. When Darcie's father got out of the penitentiary, he came to visit his daughter as soon as he was released. Since Des had nowhere else to go, I let him stay overnight the very first night he visited.
The next night I discovered that Des, then 21,.now 31, had not had a woman in close to eighteen months. I had not had a man in close to six years, but that night Des and I hooked up. He pledged he'd take care of his daughter, and he's never left us since.
Two or three weeks later, I became pregnant by the same man who'd fathered my grandbaby. Then about a month later, Des invited Tyree, his 24 year old cell mate to move in with us. I soon developed a sexual relationship with two live-in black men--totally scandalizing the neighborhood.
So there I was 46 years old,.with tiny streaks of gray beginning to tinge my brunette hair and the obvious bulge of 7 months plus pregnancy pushing my belly out over a drop front skirt. To top it off, I'm pushing a butter-brown bi-racial baby girl in a stroller up and down the street.
I may as well have put out a neon sign that said: "Black cock slut on the prowl" to the young black men circulating the neighborhood! It didn't go over well with the white families in the area, and I understand why, It wasn't cuz i had these black guys living here,. It was because they have friends, and they were over all the time. It turned into a big party house and police would be by and we had to move., but we are all still here together, and Im happy!