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have been a real cuckold

I first experienced being a cuckold when I was in my early 20's. I was in the military and dating shi cute blond girl. She and I were getting pretty serious. But, one of by coworkers, who was a black guy and a buddy of mine, told me that I needed to be careful because she was having sex with 1/2 the black guys on base. I thought he was joking but, he was being totally serious and told me that, before I started dating her, he was screwing her too. I told him that she had stopped seeing other guys to the best of my knowledge and he told me that he knew for a fact that she had done a gang bang the previous weekend when I was pulling CQ in the barracks. He told me that he was invited but, he declined because he was my friend. He told me that he had participated gang banging her with a dozen other black guys and, she was pretty much a joke to the black guys on the base because all they had to do was ask her and she would spread her legs anytime for black guys. I did not believe him and he said he could prove it. He took me to his room and showed me Polaroids he had taken during a gang bang. When I looked closely, I saw she was wearing the ear rings I had given her when we first went out. she had a dick in each hole and a big smile on her face. there were also other guys standing around, drinking and laughing. I confronted her about it and she denied it at first but, finally admitted it. She told me that she could only orgasm with a black guy and she faked it other wise. Then when I got really mad about it, she laughed and told me that many times I had eaten a black guys sperm out of her. We broke up.

a few years later, I was living with a woman that was openly seeing other guys, both black and white. She even went on a week long vacation with a guy and I drive them to the airport.

about 5 years ago, I met a women in line that lived in Florida and I lived in Virginia. after a few weeks, I drive to Florida to see her. I had told her that I would arrive on a Saturday about lunch time. But, I decided to drive straight through instead of staying in a hotel for the night. I arrive at her house early in the morning and she answered wearing a skimpy robe. She was very surprised to see me that early. She said "you said you would not be here until early afternoon" I told her i had decided to drive straight through. then, a black guy walked out of the bedroom and came to the door too. he told me to go get some coffee and come back at lunch that they were busy. she looked at me and said "please, we can talk later, ok?". I went and had some coffee and went back to her house. When I asked about what happened she told me that she had a lot of black friends. not dating but just friends and sex. Anyway, I stayed with her for the 2 weeks we had planned on and, during that time, she had a few of her friends visit. She let me watch and, it was really sexy to watch. those big black cocks going into her and her sucking them. I had thought it would be fun to watch but, in reality, it was really great to watch, especially when she was getting it up her ass.

It's really enjoyable for me now to watch a girlfriend with a well hung black man . hearing her moans of pleasure and the way she wraps her arms and legs around him when he is fucking her. my current girlfriend is white but, loves black men too. She wants a white boyfriend but black lovers. We don't live together but, she regularly dates guys she meets on line. she does 3somes sometimes too. We have been together for over a year now and are planning on getting engaged.