Has Sarah palin been with black men???

Palin been with black?

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Real answers please. Has palin ever fucked or dated a black male?
There is a book out on Palin that if fairly well researched. I cannot recall the name but you can probably google it. The writer says the best information is that Palin had a one night deal with basketball player Glen Rice. This was after college, while she was a young television reporter. She covered a college game that Rice played in. To my knowledge, she has never commented on it, but Rice says that it happened. There is no documentation that she ever fooled around with another black guy. That does not mean she would not have liked to. I think shortly after the Rice deal, she met her future husband.
The late white writer Christopher Hitchens had a comment about Palin that I like. He said just once, he would have like to have made love to her, to change her expression.