Has Cindy Crawford ever been blackened?

Does anybody think Cindy Crawford has ever taking BBC ?
Several years ago, perhaps in the mid 90s, Cindy had a short lived cable show where each week she interviewed a celebrity. One week, she interviewed Shaqulle O'neal. Both were single at the time. She looked like she was attracted to him. A few years later, Shaq somehow got the word out that he had been with Cindy. He quickly retracted the story. It was like Cindy called him and said " I am married now with a little girl. I don't need this type of pub. Please retract."
Shaq is the kind of guy who would do a retraction. I know of three different folks in the Lafayette, Louisiana area that have ran into Shaq in public places. He is always gracious and poses for pics with their grandchildren. I have copies of two of them. I also know two guys, one in local radio and one in television, that knew Shaq is L.A. They say you could not meet a nicer person.