Has anyone else experienced this?

So fair warning, this isn't an interracial story, but I'm curious. So I hooked up with this girl the other day. She was about 5'3" and couldn't have been more than a buck 10 soaking wet. But man was she a freak. She could deepthroat like nobodies business and despite her size, she had a bubble butt. She was as tight as you would expect someone that size to be, and she squeezed down even tighter when she came, which brings me to my query. We were going at it like rabbits for a while, and she was so tight that later on my dick actually felt a bit sore. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced that? Honestly it's a little bragging too, cause when you get it that good you just have to tell someone :D


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I have been a little sore more times than I care to count. Extra lube can help. I have a friend that is a very petite redhead. So quiet and demure until she is in bed and she just fucks the Hell out of me. She likes being on top and a just engulfs me. As I have gotten older it takes me longer to orgasm and she doesn't quit until I am no longer hard enough to penetrate her, so I usually need some extra lubricant. If you are having a long bout having some Gatorade or similar product can really help. Physical exertion is physical exertion doesn't make any difference if you are running or fucking. If the woman starts to get dehydrated, her natural lubricants can be severely reduced. Some Gatorade can make a world of difference.