Has anyone been to Taboo Noir in London?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Not a Myth, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Not a Myth

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    Has anyone visited here an underground sex party in London called Taboo Noir?

    Its supposed to be a venue where cuckold couples and single women Black Bulls/Doms for lots of fun.

    If you've been before what is the party like?
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  2. cpsweetygameuk

    cpsweetygameuk Member

    We would like to visit it..
  3. hellboy78

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    I've been there.
    too cool to be real !!!
  4. Lana uk

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    Rather than being a place for "black bulls/doms", I think it's more of a place or party where people can go and meet black guys.
    The bulls and doms crap really gets annoying because it inflates the egos of black guys who then think they are Gods gift when most of the time they aren't.
    I wouldn't call it "underground" either. I've seen it advertised, it's more of an organised party/event.

    There's several types of different interracial events that happen like this in the UK, do your research before going.