Happy to find this website...(in dire need of BBC in St. Louis)

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    Hello everyone. We are so happy that we found this site. We are new to the cuckolding world...and to each other. We met through a random series of events on the internet. I (the cuck) pursued the cuckoldress and here we are. I am a 30M with an inadequate penis (penetration is almost impossible), she is a 40F that is in dire need of BBC. After chatting, we decided that we were a good match. She is a total black cock slut and I am a cuck that loves black cock sluts. I fully support her search for hung black breeding bulls. We live just outside of St. Louis. We are not picky...as long as you have a BBC, you have full access to her pussy. We will pay for the hotel room for the first visit. We are ready and willing to meet new friends!
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    you should post couple of pics...just to show to enice and possibly get what you're looking for real quick.
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    Hit me up
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    Thanks Virginia! Excellent question and point!
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    From St. Louis here! Hit me up!