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Happy Sweetest Day


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Soooo. Sweetest Day was great fun! First a room at the Embassy Suites, dinner at a nice restaurant an plenty of wine. Our new Bull and Master met us in the lounge at the hotel where we talked and She flirted in anticipation. After paying for drinks we left for dancing at a club. She and Eric got to know each other in the back as I drove. They danced and drank at the club as I sat at the bar waiting for them to tell me to get the car. Magen the time came the car wa s warm and they eagerly kissed and found led each other on the way to the hotel.... Once their I dropped them at the door to park . I got to the lobby to see them going up in the glass elevator kissing in each other's arms. At the room I fetched their drinks and turned down the bed ... He had me fluff while She freshened up. Soon after they were fucking like dogs on the bed while I waited for clean up time... When in his arms She had me suck his beautiful thick 9 inch cock while She stroked him and they kissed ...when hard again She rode him and I was told to sleep on the sofa.... Happy Sweetest Day.