Hand Gestures

This may be a stupid question but I am not 100% sure about the meaning of some hand gestures that I have seen in pictures as well as in reality. I would be grateful if anyone could explain these.

#1. A black man with a white woman. His arm is around her and hers around the small of his back. He is looking at the white husband and makes a circle with his thumb and forefinger. What does this mean in this setting?
#2. A white wife with a black man gestures to her white husband. She holds her two fingers apart making a kind of V as if they are scissors. what does this mean?
#3. A white wife holds her hand up with the middle fingers closed and the outer fingers extended. This is the kind of "hook em horns" symbol. I am pretty sure this stands for the horns of a cuckold but does it mean the white boy has been cuckolded or will be cuckolded or what?

Thanks to all answers and along the same lines what is an appropriate response for a white boy when he is confronted with these hand gestures? My concern is that the primary relationship of the black man and white woman be respected and encouraged. I also would like to think that gestures like this serve to diminish the role of the white boy. But I could be wrong so thanks for information on this.