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About two years,ago we went to my cousins daughters wedding in Pontiac Mich., she had met the guy in college and he is Haitian, dark black and big. The wife and I have been swinging for several years and she has been servicing black cocks about eight years and has several bulls she fucks regularly, so she has that look that says I fuck black cocks and I'm proud of it. At the reception we got to meet Savois for the first time, we shook hands and when Veronika offered her hand he smiled said I don't shake women's hands, put a hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips watching and trying not to get a hard on I thought I saw their lips moving like they had their tongues in each other's mouth, when they broke apart Veronika had the slightly glazed look in her eyes she get when her cunt starts to quiver. I gave her the look and she just gave a quick no head shake, later on way to airport to fly home she told me Savois had cupped her ass cheek as he kissed her and slipped her his tongue for a second, I told her I dont blame him you are a hot looking 42 year old slut, she laughed slapped my arm said him being 22 and me 42, I'm old enough to be his mother, asked is that a problem ,shook her head no as we headed for boarding area.
Once home, we live in Ocala Florida, we settled into our normal , work and play and make plans for weekend fuck party's. A about three months after wedding I received a call from my cousin , her daughter and husband were moving to Kissimmie Fla. and Savois was opening a Haitian restaurant near Celebration Fla.and she and my 86 year old aunt were flying down for a week and wanted to see us. I told Veronika were are going to Kissimmie, about 90 minute drive ,to see aunt Barbara and Patty told her after Savois stuck his tongue in your mouth, dress a little revealing and you can show off legs if we see he is looking. Around 9 pm my aunt said she was going to bed, cousin and daughter said they will help her, when they were up stairs Savois came to Veronika, got her up and started kissing her, wet sloppy kiss, his hands were cupping her ass and she was kissing back, kiss broke he stepped back grinning put hands on her tits pinched nipples asked when can we get together, said his wife and mother in law were flying back to Detroit on Saturday, can we come down . Veronika felt his dick thru pants asked what time, said 5 pm here. Cousin and daughter came back down, said our goodbyes and left.
To be continue