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Ill start this then let Veronika finish as she was in the house with the Haitian bosses and wise guys.
After we got home that night, I fixed drinks and we got into pool, I asked her if she gets the feeling Savios is turning her/us into his personal white shores, wasn't a coincidence he blew by rest stop and went to 7/11, she cut in said he had started cumming about two minutes past rest area, he told me to keep sucking on his dick. Then I said what were the odds the clerk would be Haitian and a local boss?, she agreed also said she thought it was odd he knew she was going to suck him off and the way Savois just assumed she would. We agreed to look for signs he was useing her ass to further his standing.
Ok Veronika here, I'm picking up after Ken dropped me off in front of Haitian house, I was really nervous almost naked, looking like a street whore. I rang door bell stood back looking around noticed a few black men across street looking and pointing, the pointed at our car as Ken drove off, I was getting worried no one was answering door then a cop car came around corner and I thought shut then door opened, one of the guys from last time was standing there naked dick hard, told me come in. As I stepped thru poor he grabbed tits pulled me close told me do not disappoint the men, whatever they want you do, pinched nipples and walked me into room.
Five naked men were sitting around room four were skinny, who I thought Hatians should look like, fifth man had to be 400 pounds, flab everywhere, could see the head of his dick hanging below his belly, knew it was long since belly was hanging low. I was walked around room men felt me up, fingered me then was told to suck dick of boss, the fat guy, I got on knees took his dick in hand used my head to move belly up and slid mouth down his dick started sucking, it was hard to Bob head so just sucked and moved lips. As I sucked the rest were talking laughing, I was told to hold my hand up show them my wedding rings, but keep sucking then I noticed flashes knew they were taking pictures. Felt hands on my ass then legs being forced wide then a cock sliding in my pussy and start fucking me, had been sucking fat boys cock for a while when I felt head start to swell , knew he was going to cum took his balls in hand thought dam tennis balls, then he started cumming, tightened lips around his dick so none leaked out, swallowed several times as he squirted. As his dick started to soften I let it slip from my mouth and started fucking back on cock fucking me, when I felt him cumming in me I started climaxing, felt another dick slapping my face and opened mouth and sucked.
For the next five hours I was fucked in pussy and ass, sucked every cock until I swallowed cum licked ass holes and yes fat boys too as I was being fucked in my ass, fat boy turned shoved his dick in my mouth and gave me almost as much cum to swallow as first load, I had cocks in all three holes at one time, two in my cunt, there were three jerking off into my mouth as I rode a cock in my pussy and another was fucking me up my ass, the three started cumming in my mouth one after the other then I sucked each one to get all the cum out of them.
Fat boy then said time for her shower, I thought thank god, little did I know, they took me to the bath room saw shower curtain was gone told me get in tub squat down , when I did fat boy had his dick in his hand aimed at me, knew then my shower was going to be a kiss shower. Fat boy started missing aimed it at my face,tits told me open wide need to rinse your cum mouth out, the rest had gotten beside tub and were beginning to miss too, there were 7 Haitian cocks kissing on me,into my mouth, hair, face, tits pies was running down me between my legs and over my pussy which had cum leaking out. Yes they were taking pictures and videoing, fat boy told me move my hand so they can piss on my wedding rings, I moved my left hand so they could piss on rings, each one finished by passing on them then put dicks in my mouth to suck clean, fat boy being the last cock in mouth and he still had some piss left and let it out straight into my mouth told me tighten lips don't lose any.
When he finished I was told shower come back out to living room, when I walked out, one of the first two was on cell, heard him say come get your whore, she done good and will be used again, she knows how to service cocks. Fat boy shook his dick at me told me to suck this until your husband gets here,then heard same guy telling someone you did well, yes she preformed well yes we will want her again and make sure others get to use her, I knew he,was talking to Savois.
When Ken walked into room I was sucking fat boys cock, they had raised my hips up and spread my legs wide so Ken saw how stretched and gaping my cunt and ass hole were. Fat boy told Ken your wife is a very good white cocksucker, we will have further use of her, take her home now and don't stop at thec 7/11 , he's not there. Ill let Ken finish
Ok they used her hard, confirmed Savois was useing her to up his standing and he would be taking her to service other men in ring. Next installment Ill relate what's happened in two months since.
To Be Continued