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Haitian Encounter Five

Two weeks after we had been to the Haitian wise guys home Savois called from his car, he was on his way home from Gainsville and needed to talk to us, we told him we would meet him at rest area at mile marker 345 southbound. We got here ahead of him, Veronika just putting on a wrap around mini dress, heels and thigh highs, she redid her make up in car emphasizing her lips with deep red lip stick and out lingering them with a darker red, put Red perfume on and dabbled some between her tits and top of her cunt. We parked t far end of rest area, saw Savois coming towards us , when he was parked we got into his car, me in back Veronica in front, I leaned forward and saw she was showing her legs clear to her cunt, Savois laid a hand on her thigh and started talking. Told us the bad ass guys are getting visitors from Haiti the following weekend, several men higher up and 2 top ranking bosses, said since the two in Orlando had told another wise guy about Veronika the two bosses want her there to "entertain" the group, but just want her husband to drop her off and leave, we weren't sure about that but Savois said he would be in trouble if she wasn't brought to them, I looked down at Veronikas legs and he had moved his hand to her cunt and was rubbing her clit. Finally Veronika said she will do it, but wants to know what's expected of her, Savois told her all holes used multiple times, eat a lot of cum, maybe pissed on, humiliated, spanked, maybe tits abused. Told us they like the idea of having a married white American wife to use and abuse, do with as they want and for me to drop her at house at noon Saturday, no dress just heels, makeup, thigh highs and shelf bra, she's to walk up sidewalk to door and wait for it to open, hands behind her back looking down. She agreed I wasn't too happy about conditions but since it was for family I said ok, as we started to get out Savois said why don't you ride with me to the Okahumpka rest area, I really need one of your blow jobs, we both laughed I said Ill follow, Savois said if he goes past rest area, she's still sucking cock, will stop at 7/11 on rtf 50 and like. I got out and into our car started to follow him and before we were out on I75 saw her head go to his lap, he held hand out of window giving me a thumbs up, confirmed she had a mouthful of Haitian cock.
Well he blew by rest area so I knew he hadn't cum yet and as we pulled into parking at 7/11 looked over and she was setting up, lipstick smeared, cum on lips and smiling, got out and back into our car asked me to get her a diet big gulp. Saw Savois was inside going to bathroom, yeah wash lipstick off his dick before my cousin sees it ,lol. As I was paying for gulp he came up with a soda, said I got it always take care of my cocksucker, looked at clerk said not him his wife, laughed said this is my wife's mother's cousin and told me this guy is a body guard, she may see him Saturday. Guy smiled said stop in anytime, after saturday she can suck my dick while you get drinks, told him maybe, just smiled showing gold teeth in front. We walked k ed out Savois leaned into car felt Veronikas tits slipped finger up her cunt told her if she's still thirsty, guy behind counter could use a blow job , she said really? is he one of the "group" , Savois said yes a body guard for the local bosses you will see more of him Saturday, but suck his dick now and he will take care of you, she looked at nodded head ok, got out left dress open and walked into store behind me. Gold tooth smiled, yelled hey hitch, watch the counter a Haitian woman came out of office, when she saw us and Veronikas dress open smiled a toothless grin said yo be liken his dick Whitney. I saw Savois drive off then gold teeth said come with me took us to stock room ,he sat on crates of soda, told Veronika show me you want to suck my cock , she went to knees he told take dress off she did, handed it to me then undid his belt, pulled zipper down and lifted dick out. Licked around the head then slid mouth down almost to base started bobbing her head while squeezing cock with one hand and his huge balls with other hand. After maybe 20 minutes he started saying oh yeah suck my black cock white girl, show your husband how much you want my black cum in your mouth, watched her tighten her lips around base of cock head and start pumping shaft, cheeks hollowed as she sucked, gold teeth kept telling her yeah suck dat cum out a my balls , you gonna get more cum in your white mouth than you ever have. Watched as he took her head in both hands told her yeah here it is started grunting her cheeks puffed out,saw her swallow twice then cheeks puff out again, as she swallowed he told here comes some more and she swallowed twice , told her to keep my dick in your mouth, make sure you got all my cum. I could see her swirling her young around his dick, cheeks squeezing in as she sucked on his cock, finally he said you one fine cocksucker wifey, told her he will look after her Saturday, but she has to promise him she will have hubby bring you here to suck my dick a couple times a month, she licked head of his dick said I promise ,I gave her dress she put it on guy said let me feel those tits ,squeezed both tits laughed and we walked out. Toothless smiled asked how you like that black dick wifey, told you,then she went back to office.
We left and as I got on turnpike, she laid on seat and went to sleep. What happened the following Saturday Ill let Veronika pick up after I start it. I wasn't there