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Saturday afternoon after the Wednesday we had spent with Savois and his friends in Apopka, we were getting ready to head for Kissimmi around 4pm to walk into the house next to Savois at 6 pm to meet the five thugs that want to fuck her for pictures they took of her a couple weeks be for in Savois drive . Before we left Savois called, said situation was taken care of two Haitian wise guys he knows paid the thugs a visit got all the phones and , a guarantee there are no more copies, they did look at pictures and to l d Savois your white cousin needs to bring his slugt wife to us to thank us. Told us would be better to fuck these two a couple times than fuck the thugs who knows how many times, we agreed asked him when said tonight at a house in Orlando gave us address told Veronika wear as little as possible when you walk in makes them feel you really want them to fuck you, she told him no problem.
We left a l title later, she showed tits and legs to truckers on turnpike, with a short wrap around dress on was easy and turns her on. Got to house was almost dark so when she got out of car took dress off and,we walked to front door with her in 5" heels, sheer black seamed thigh highs and a sheer black shelf bra, nipples hard. Coming up to door it opened and the blackest, ugliest, huge man was standing in door in a jock strap that was over filled with cock and balls, he smiled showing two gold teeth wrapped his arms around Veronika, gave a wet kiss tongue in mouth then pinched both nipples put arm around her ,cupped Pettit and walked her into living room where I swear sat his twin. He walked Veronika to him he ran hand up her legs to her pussy, played with it then said in a heavy Haitian accent your hotter than pictures show, get on knees and start sucking cock. She went to knees took his dick out of jock and slid mouth down it, both had long cocks, not thick and uncut, as she bobbed her mouth up and down he took her head in his hands started forcing her mouth further down. Other Haitian got be hind her squatted down slid fingers up her cunt and slapped her ass cheeks as he finger fucked her, then moved closer rubbed dick head up an down her slit then shoved it up her cunt started fucking her hard. Reached forward grabbed her tits by nipples and pulled her back on his dick, guy she was blowing had two hand culls of her hair pulling her mouth back down his dick. When cock in her mouth started squirting cum it was so thick it gagged her came out her nose saw she was having a hard time swallowing. Guy fucking her started to cum which sent her into a climax, could see thick cum oozing out of her cunt around his dick, thought dam these guys cum a lot and thick like paste almost. As the two cocks got soft and slipped out of her mouth and cunt they let go of her she rolled onto floor on her back legs spread, cum leaking out and her lips and chin coated with thick cum, guy that had fucked her keeled over her head told her suck cum off his dick which she did. They told her to go wash her cunt, got beers for us then when she came back and sat on one guys panther told us about getting the phones front thugs, laughed when they said it.
After finishing beers guy who's lap she had been sitting slid down told her get his dick hard, she started sucking it squeezing his balls, when he was hard told her slide her cunt down it, when she,was all the way down on his dick he pulled her forward moved hands to her ass and spread her cheeks, other guy was putting KY on his dick then put it on and in her ass, got behind her and slid his dick up her ass. Both men got into an in and out rhythms fucking her, guy up her ass had both tits in hands and guy up her cunt was sucking and biting her nipples squeezing her ass. Cock up her cunt squirted first then with cock up her ass getting close he starts long hard strokes, she started climaxing and when she clenched ass and cunt muscles brought guy up her ass off, when both got soft and slipped out of her holes cum dripped like a fawcett, guy that was up her ass went to wash his dick, thankully, guy up her cunt pushed her down to floor told her suck him clean watched as she sucked,licked cock and balls clean.
Other guy came back with beers as she went to clean up walked back into room in just heels and thigh highs, sat talking, hard to understand them with heavy accent but told us next time I bring her to fuck they will have friends here to fuck her too. With that we got ready to leave both men felt tits,pinched nipples,slapped her ass told her to kiss their dicks bye, which she did.
She put her dress on but left it open on drive home, I would turn interior lights on when we passed a truck.

To Be Continued