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Veronika tried calling Savois several times the following week but just got his voice mail and was getting pissed off, finally he called said wife had come home early and been up his ass all week said she likes his dick as much as Veronika lol. Asked if we could make it down to Apopka Wednesday afternoon around 1 pm, she asked why Apopka told her a friend has a house there be uses once in a while, she asked me I said sure but your call when she told him yes, he said the two Haitian friends would be there, one of them lived in house and likes when he gets some white pussy too, she told him she's looking forward to it then he told her we need to discuss something after were finished fucking you.
We got there a little early, Savois was waiting and let us in, Veronika had worn heels, thigh highs, shelf bra and a tie wrap around dress, Savois kissed her walked her into living room where the other two were waiting in boxers, watching porn and smoking weed, Savois reached and untied dress belt slid it off her shoulders. The two got up came to her started feeling her up Savois got behind her cupped her tits told guys to suck her nipples, she had her head back as they did then he put hands on her shoulders pushed her to knees told her to suck cock, she got both cocks out and started sucking each. Savoir squatted down slid hand between her legs started finger fucking her kept talking to her, telling her suck the cum out of them, show my friends what a black cock, cum hungry white wife you are. I sat in recliner after stripping watched wife sucking both cock, then 1guy put hands on her head started talking in Haitian but knew he was c humming as she was gulping, other guy was jerking his dick then grabbed her head and she went straight to his dick and clamped lips are o under head, started swallowing almost immediately.
The rest of the afternoon was so spent watching the three Haitians fuck Veronika, feeding her cocks to suck and her swallowing their cum, at one point she was on top of one guy fucking him other guy was holding her head fucking her mouth Savois went out of room came back with baby oil got behind her dripped the oil on her ass crack the started rubbing it into her ass hole sliding first one the two fingers up her. She wiggled ass and made squealing noises around cock in her mouth, I saw Savois was hard again and had positioned himself behind her ass with his dick inches from her ass hole, then he dripped oil on his dick some more on her hole moved forward and put dick head against her hole he told guy she was fucking to hold her then started pushing his dick in her ass, she has had several black cocks up her ass but he didn't know that but when the head popped in she moved her ass back and slid hole down his cock, he realized she had been fucked up her ass before so he started a hard fucking , sliding cock balls deep then back out to head. Cock in her mouth started cumming and shortly after the one in her cunt did, I could see cum streaking down the guys dick as he grunted. Both guys kept dicks in her as Savois fucked her ass then Veronika and Savois both started cumming, she collapsed on guy under her, sliding off Savois cock and one in mouth coming out. After a few minutes they got up helped her up and she and Savois went to shower, one guy dressed, thanked me for letting him fuck my wife and left, other guy said he will be upstairs, thanked me for letting my wife suck the cum out of his balls and for fucking her invited us back anytime, also said he can get several more Haitian cocks for her if we would like.
Veronika and Savois walked back into room shortly after, both naked with Veronika in her heels, he sat down on couch pulled her onto his lap said we have a problem, put a hand on het tit played with nipple as he started talking, when he went to talk to the thugs next door to him they showed him several pictures of Veronika sitting on front seat legs spread wide showing them her cunt, seems they all had cell phones in their hands and took pics of her, said several had her face and cunt in them so no doubt who it was, I asked what did they say,told us they want some of her white cunt and not just once, and they want it soon or pics get shown to his wife, my cousins daughter. Veronika asked when he told her this coming saturday, at the house next to his, only concession he got was we didn't have to be there until 6 pm and it would be dark so his wife wouldn't be able to see us going in, she was silent for a few minutes said this is my fault I shouldn't have shown off so tell them we will be there at 6, make sure there no outside lights on and they delete pics after.
She got up slipped her dress on leaned over gave his dick a few sucks told him let us know what they say and we headed back to Ocala.
To Be Continued