The week following visit with aunt seemed like 6 months, on Saturday morning Veronika went and had her finger and toe nails done, having gone to the same nail tech for a few years, she asked her if she could put the Haitian flag on her toe nails and fingers, girl smiled at her asked what you be up to? Veronika just smiled. After her nails were done she had her hair done then stopped at Victoria's Secret for new thigh highs , shelf bra and a tight mid thigh low cut bulk dress.
We left at 3:30 with her dressed to fuck, since dress was so short she flashed truckers on the turnpike,several blowing horns trying to get us to pull into rest area. We got to Savois at 5, as I pulled into drive Veronika said this is going to not go well, I said what is? sitting on porch of house next door was 5 or 6 black teens that looked like gangsters. With dress so short we knew they would see up skirt and see her bare cunt, nothing she could do so opened door, said watch this threw right leg out and put foot on ground left foot still in car turned her head to me, asked what are they doing. Told her with your legs spreads wide and your cunt fully exposed, they are falling off porch trying to see better, told her let's get in before there a gang bang in front yard.
Savoir opened door as we got to it, saw he was in a light short robe and nothing else, retook Veronikas hand pulled her in told me I can put her case in back bedroom and he hopes there's slug outfits in it. When I walked back into living room, Veronika was sitting on couch, skirt far above her thigh high tops and dress was unbuttoned enough to show tits almost to nipples, Savois handed us both a drink told me why don't you sit in recliner, smiled said we all know why you brought Veronika here sat next to her with his dick pointing straight up between robe folds. He told Veronika why don't you show me the crest of what's under your dress she stood finished unbuttoning it and let it drop, standing there in 5" heels thigh high and shelf bra, Savois leaned forward ran hands up her legs then up to her tits pinched and pulled both Gillespie hands back down to her cunt told her spread which she did, I watched as he slid two fingers in her cunt said dam your wet then leaned back opened robe fully shook his dick at her and told her to suck Veronika set her glass down, looked at me and smiled went to her knees in front of Savois took his dick in her hand and slid her lips down it,it looked to be 9 or 10" long and thick as a red bull can, holding the heat at the base with one hand and cupping his balls with other hand , Veronika started bobbing her head up and down it. I thought dam that is hot, her red lips around a net black cock and her white face against his black skin, I stood dropped my pants st back and stroked my dick while watching her suck the blackest cock I had ever seen in her mouth. Veronika sucked, licked and pumped Savois cock for almost 30 minute, at least 3 times she tightened her lips and thumb and forefinger around shaft to keep him from cumming, then when he took her head in both hands and started moving his hips up and down fucking her mouth she pulled her lips back to base lot cock head and started sucking like a straw while holding cock shaft tight and pumping it. Savoir started moaning telling her he's going to cum, watched as she slid her lips all the way down to base could see his cock head pushing her throat out then slid back up and held head between her lips while squeezing his balls. When I saw her cheeks puff out, Savois yelling suck it cunt I knew he was cumming,she gulped 4 maybe 5 times as she ate his cum. As his dick started getting soft she kept it in her mouth nursing on it which drove both Savois and myself nuts, when he was soft she let it slip out of her mouth and asked for a drink, a Vodka Tonic that Savois got for her.
Sitting on couch with drink Savois told her your turn got on his knees in front of her, lifted her legs onto his shoulders and started eating her cunt, she told me his tongue feels as long as his cock, as hot as she gets sucking cock it didn't take long and she was climaxing on his tongue and lips. When she was relaxed he stood took her hand said time for the bed walked her to bedroom hand on her ass, I followed dick hard lol, sat in side chair and watched as they played each other's body's, getting him hard and her hotter and ready to fuck.
He got between her legs put ankles on his shoulders, told her put me in your cunt, watched as she pulled his cock into her cunt then he sank balls deep, started a long slow deep fuck which was making her squeal, he told her I like making married white women squeal like a pig when I fucked them, fucked her on her back for about 10 minutes then dropped held legs and rolled over putting on top told he now you fuck me. While he fucked herself on his dick he played with her tits and nipples,38dd tits would suck her nipples while spanking her ass which made her fuck him faster. After maybe 20 minutes fucking like that she had climaxed twice, when he started to cum she moved her hips down so she had him balls deep rocked her hips back and forth making him squirt deep in her cunt. They laid with her on top and his cock still up her cunt after both calmed down, watched as she moved her cunt up and down his dick as it got soft, when he popped out saw cum leak out of her drip on his cock and balls, he told her why don't you slide down and suck my dick clean which she did, I asked is that anyway to treat family and we all laughed.
After that we went back to living room started to dress, I asked him if the boys next door would be a problem for him, said he will talk to them, he was still naked hugged and kissed Veronika asked her if she would like one or two more Haitian cocks next time she told him what ever he wants her to do bent over and sucked his limp dick into her mouth, after that we left but not before he gave us his private cell his wife doesn't know about said call in a couple days.

To Be Continued