Hair.... shaved, bush, or strip???

Sometimes you just have to have some variety in life. I know the current trend is to have a pussy shaven bare, or at least that's what most men want. I like to see pubic hair in various stages of length, to have a woman change it up as I see fit.

Of course you have to agree a smoothly shaved cunt is absolutely fantastic. It's sure nice to lap away at a bare cunt, without hair in your way or in your teeth. But I must admit, I find a hairy pussy with full bush just as much fun. A messy cream pie looks that much more sloppy and raunchy matted into a woman's pubes.

Ultimately I'd like a woman to go in between lengths for me, to experiment with it at my request. So many women, especially the married ones, are comfortable with one particular style for their cunt hair that they get used to only one way. I like to see em' mix it up to get out of their comfort zone. This is all about expanding her sexuality after all.

I personally enjoy it shaved bare, bushy, or in between. But my favorite might just be the small 'racing stripe' or 'landing strip' on a white wife at any age, size or shape.