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Had to have my say


Gold Member
At 52 I have been very conservative but since my BBC experience I am now loving every second with my new found bull and I have my hubby to thank for that. He makes me feel like a woman again ,not saying hubby didn't but it is very different ,I have never been made love to like he does and especially the size of his cock which did take some time to take ,black men just know where and how to turn a woman on ,I can remember from the start he made me very aware that I was a woman and did all the right things a man should do even convinced me I should share his bed which I did , his body was fantastic for a man of 58 and when I saw his size I was so nervous but exited and to feel him all over me oooooooo the feel of his cock resting between my ass cheeks and sucking my neck and pinching my very erect nipples even now makes me gooie .

But the best is when he devours me and tells me what he wants and I obey without question I will do most things for this man and enjoy it all,so thanks to all who send me notes and responds to my answers this is a great site and I hope I can meet other BBC when I travel .