Had Sale

This story is not true, I will always tell you. Just driving alone in a exclusive neighborhood I come upon a yard sale. A old natural blonde woman in her late sixties come out the house as I am looking at some gym equipment . She tells me that she has more inside the garage if I care to come in and take a look. Once inside the garage she has a bow flex machine, she bend over to place a pin into the weight set and I could see her pale milky white ass cheeks exposed to me. I now have a semi hard cock showing in my basketball shorts. She ask me to test it out as I lay down on the weight bench to lift some weights she grab a hand full of my fat black cock . I am now growing larger and harder as she runs her hand up and down the shaft of my dick. I reach for her tit and run my thumb around her hard little nipple, as she pull my swollen black cock out and begin to gag and slob on my dick. After a short period of time I feel a nut coming on so I pull my fat swollen black cock out of her mouth and turn her around pulling her short cut off jeans down , exposing her pale white ass and pink long lip pussy dripping in wetness. I have her in the doggy style position over the weight bench now as I slowing start to drive my fat black dick into her pinkness. She grunts as I am slowly opening her wet tight pussy up more and more. I feel her body tremble as she has her first orgasm. Her old blond pussy is full of natural blond hair and watching as my fat black cock goes in and out is turning me on more and more. I am enjoying the look as her pink pussy lips is being pulled to it limits as I drive into her deeper and harder. She is really grunting and groaning now as I am pulling all the way out so that my fat dick head is making her pink pussy gape. Her pink hole is opened up wider looking like a tunnel for ping pong balls. My dick is covered in white cum glistening on my darkness. I can no longer hold out, I blow a large load deep into her love tunnel as we both collapse onto the bench. Her pussy start to quiver gripping my dick making it hard again as I try to make her pay for getting me hard again. I turn her over and go hard and strong into her pinkness , this time with no mercy as I drive fast and deep as she try to take in all my force , deeper and deeper until another nut build up . I pull out of her sloppy wet, gaping pussy an dump my load into her mouth as she try to suck it all in but unable to and gag out most of it onto her t-shirt. I leave with all the equipment I guess it was free He He. I will ride by for the next yard sale soon I hope.


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Actually, reading this, I could envision my mother-in-law. She was not shy about black men. Older women do appreciate the sex!!
So glad you do. Based on all the words and discussions we had if ever ever crossed paths offline I'd give it up to you anytime you asked for it from me. :lips: