Had my first interracial

I had my first interracial about two months ago it was amazing my hubby filmed it and just watched I don't know if most black guys are like the guy I had but it was very passionate at times and intense lots of kissing he loved kissing and licked sucked on every inch of my body I loved it my fingers my toes my feet every inch he def loved my ass def had a butt fetish with his tongue for play lasted for a good hour I would say wasn't in a rush I'm looking to have my second ir I hope it's similar to last time also had sex everywhere in the hotel room image.jpg

Janice K

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Good for you girl. It's always great to hear that another gorgeous girl like yourself has decided to have sex with a black guy for the first time... and from what you said, it was obviously an experience you really enjoyed. It also sounded as if you fond a guy who put a lot of romance in the experience also. My first was also like that, lots of kissing and foreplay... It's not surprising that you are excited to have your second black experience. And if you find another guy, or maybe another time with the same guy again, I can only assure you that your next time will most likely be much better than your first. Would love to chat with you sometime..