Guys screaming during their orgasms

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    I had had a crossed breed boyfriend who was a not inhibited guy that used express his orgasm screaming, shaking and conortioned his body or saying some dirty words. That made orgasms more interesting to me because he showed me how was he enjoying!

    With my black boyfriend was different, because he was a little shy and he felt I was a gift so big for him, so he didn't have a great and expressive orgasm our first time.
    During our second fuck we were having sex over his single bed in missionary position. When I wrapped my legs around him, he emited a pleasure's sight and said me "that's feel so good" indicated me that he had felt some diference. Then like I was close to cum, I told him "let your orgasm come, don't repress yourself...come on give me a big cum!". While I was saying him this, I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a lot of kisses, then he started to cum.
    Surely he felt comfortable and won confidence with me, so he started to emit good sights and finally he cummed with a big "Ahhhhhhhh!"
    When I saw him screaming of pleasure reflexing his face a great happily, my feelings collapsed and that was all that I need to get an orgasm. I may say that I was going to get better orgasms with him in the next fucks, but that was so good because I felt I was taught my black boyfriend to express himself!
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    i don't "scream" but i am pretty vocal. my wife spent ten years with her first husband being quiet as a church mouse because he didn't like noise during sex! go figure... :confused: when she and i started fucking, she would actually pinch her eyebrow and not utter a peep. i quickly encouraged her to open up and be very vocal. i told her i wanted to hear how much fun she was having. within a year she was a screamer... my job was done! i would not have it any other way. i also gave her her very first orgasm ever at the age of 29. :bounce: