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Guidelines to Hubbies & Hot-wives


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What you wear under your dress or skirt is as important as the outfit itself. All men love women in sexy lingerie, but black men more so. The colors and styles you may want wear will vary but in general, here are some suggestions and rules to follow:

1. Always wear matching or at least coordinated lingerie.

2. Bras should maximize your bust size and display as much cleavage as possible.

3. Choose thongs or French cut panties; crotchless are best. Avoid white cotton unless you are going for the "Catholic Schoolgirl" look. If you are with men who know you, no panties is the best option.

4. Always wear hosiery. High tops and thigh highs are great for casual wear but stocking held up by corsets or garter belt are best for formal occasion. No pantyhose. If you are like me before I went black, you probably have worn pantyhose all your life, but they are death to being a hot-wife. It is practically impossible get fucked on short notice if you are wearing pantyhose. Black men understand this and detest them. Pantyhose say "I'm off limits" -- not the message you want to send when you are horny for back cock. Besides, it's pretty difficult even to finger yourself or let a black man finger you, in the damned things. End of sermon. Stockings, however, will make you feel far sexier and more feminine and they provide your lover an easier access as well as a sexier view of your pussy. Once you get used to wearing stocking, you will probably have no trouble giving up pantyhose. Seamed stockings are the ultimate for attracting black men. You will always get a lot of attention in clubs and if you dare to wear them in public in the daytime, men will drool.

The only shoes you should ever wear in public are high heels. This will take some getting used to as well, but black men love them. Three-four inches are fine for casual entertaining, but try for four-five inches for nights out. High heel spaghetti strap open-toe sandals are the ultimate "fuck me" shoes.

Jewelry is a must! It should be flashy, designed to attract the attention you deserve. Earrings should be large and flashy, loopy or dangling. Necklaces should draw black eyes to your heaving bust. Always wear your wedding ring. Black men love to know they are taking, not just any horny woman, but another (white) man's wife! Bracelets and rings show you are can be a happy member of your lover's harem. Anklets and toe rings are clear signs that you are a willing hot wife looking for a black bull to fuck. A pierced navel makes a sexy statement: "I'll do anything for sex with a black lover." Long highly polished nails in dark, daring colors help draw black men's attention to you. And this goes for your toes in those high-heel sandals.

Hair is also important. You want a hairstyle that is attractive to black men, not something that is convenient or easy to manage. Generally black men like longer, straight or wavy blond or red hair. The contrast when he is in public with an adoring blonde hanging on his arm is all the more striking and draws the admiration of his friends from the 'hood. If you are not naturally blonde, don't worry. Bleaching your hair for your lover (don't let it look "too" natural) is just another way to show how much you lust for him.

Finally a word on body type. Any "body" can be hot as long as you are neither anorexic nor seriously obese. In general black men like rounder and fuller women that white guys, who in turn like rounder and fuller women than other women do. Before you decided to become a hot-wife, you were probably keeping your weight down because of the opinions of other women, so it's likely you will need to put on a few pounds. Don't worry about it, even if you are a little too slim, your lover will probably take it as a challenge to get you into "shape."

Being a hot-wife, however, is more than just looks; it's also how you act.

1. In a situation where you are trying to catch a black man's eye; make sure to make plenty of eye contact with him and smile.

2. Show lots of leg. Cross and uncross your legs and bounce the top leg on the lower one, perhaps pointing the toe of your shoe. If you find that you are very attracted to him, eventually let the skirt ride high enough so that he can see that you are wearing stockings and garters. In clubs a woman wearing stockings and garters is taken as a sign that she is there to get fucked.

3. Apply and reapply lipstick. Black men want to see signs that you can't wait to suck cock and lipstick is a great way to send that signal.

4. Never miss the opportunity to drop something and bend over -- from the waist, never bend your knees. (That's what those expensive sessions in the gym are for.)

5. Touch and smile.

6. When dancing (probably the closest you can get to having sex in public), move your lover's hands to your ass and press close to him during slow dances. If you can feel his cock, he can feel your nipples. Don't be shy about letting everyone see you come on his thick, thrusting finger. With white guys, let them handle the merchandise, tantalizing them with what they can't have it. Fast dances give you the opportunity to whirl and twirl and flash your pretty panties, if you have any, or your pettier pussy if you do not.

7. If a black man puts his hand up your dress; whisper in his ear and ask if him if he would like you to remove your panties. If he compliments your dress; tell him you wore it hoping to meet a man like him.

8. Never miss an opportunity to tell him how sexy he is and how sexy and feminine and wet he makes you feel.

9. Hang on your lover. Rub up against him. Nibble his ear. Gaze at him adoringly. Demonstrate to onlookers how eager you are for him to fuck you.

10. Do not hesitate to sneak off with your lover to do the dirty during a public event. Sex in public (except in all black clubs) may not be a good idea, but it's sexy to be seen scurrying off with your lover, letting everyone figure out you can't endure another minute without his big black cock in you. Return flushed and disheveled with semen running down your leg.

11. When you leave a social event, make sure everyone knows it's because you are horny and need your lover to take you out and fuck your little brains out before you attack someone.