Greetings to All My New Friends!

Greetings to all!

I am Lord Dark Star. I am a retired black gentleman of leisure. I was a breeding bull, back in the day, but cancer of the prostate took care of that. Now I enjoy being of counsel to young bulls, females and couples interested in the cuckold lifestyle and cuckoldry (among many other things). So if you like, hit me up and I'll tell you how I see it. I enjoy talking with people and advising them on any subject really, but especially cuckoldry, computers and the Internet, as well as carpentry (my former first career).

I have a special fondness for all white women that enjoy sex with a black man! I am particularly fond of the younger women who are just discovering how wonderful interracial sex can be. I would love to talk with all of you women and get to know you better!

I do have a question to ask that I have yet to find an answer for in the forum. Is the uploading and sharing of video files as well as image files permitted? If so, can someone in the know please tell me about the specifics of sharing these files with the other members here? I have a small collection of amateur interracial videos that I think will be enjoyed by many.

Look for my posts among the threads. I am the one practicing my Jamaican patois as I hope to maybe go to that island paradise again before I am called home!
P.S. - That IS actually a picture of me, by the way, just not very recent! :bigsmile:It was taken by one of my white honeys who was a very good photographer (among other things ):blackheart:. I don't think anybody would want to see what I look like nowadays anyway!:balanced:
By the way folks, I answered my own question when I went to create an album. Seems the maximum size permitted and the file types supported do not allow for video files. :( At least not yet! Guess I'll look into setting up an account on a file hosting service to see if that will allow me to share what I have with the rest of you all!:exciting: