Greetings from San Francisco, CA - Aspiring Cuckold For The Bay Area

Hello all! Love! Joined this site long ago mainly to meet white women interested in fucking around with black men and cuckolding! Now I'm introducing myself! How is everyone? I'm an nice, open-minded guy from San Francisco open to meeting all kinds of new friends interested in the interracial cuckold lifestyle. Any other forum members from the bay area on here?

Ladies, just so you know, if I was your cuck boyfriend, I would have a really strong and natural desire to share you with black men, almost exclusively. I know I probably should've joined OkCupid to find a girl like that but I decided to join this site instead :-P I think we can all agree black men have a particularly strong and overt physical and sexual prowess. They're primal. They can exude a certain type of masculinity. The reason why I'll willingly and happily encourage my girl to go black is because I want her to be satisfied in ways I could never dream of satisfying her. This is why I joined this community.

If anything I said interests you, say hello!

edit: Ugh, misspelled "from" in my post title :-/
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