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    Hey I have seen this place mentioned a couple of times on threads here and I was just wondering has anyone actually been here and is it everything it claims to be on it's website?
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    Idk but i will be heading to vegas next week i can check it out for u
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    Do you mean THE "INFAMOUS" GREEN DOOR (Located in Las Vegas)? Message me if you want to know about my personal experience there and I will send you a reply ASAP.


    The Green Door is a safe place where consenting adults can live out their
    wildest fantasies. The Green Door is the hottest social spot in Las Vegas. The
    club was founded in 1998 and has since then earned the title of America’s most
    unique social and health spa. The Green Door’s 18,000 square foot facility, in
    the heart of Las Vegas, provides a clean and safe environment for adults to play.
    What happens at The Green Door stays at The Green Door! One of Las Vegas best kept secrets for 17 years!

    What's behind the Green Door:

    Orgy Room

    No-Wear Room

    Voyeur Room

    The Dungeon

    Fountain Room


    The Sexagon


    The Green Door on YouTube

    Link to additional information
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    How was ur experience there?
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    We've been to the red rooster, which does not come close to comparing with what is in those pictures. We still had fun but now I want to go to the green door.
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    When is a good day to go
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    We can have a green room at u guy's house hmu I'm in Vegas
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    We just went one Saturday night. We live in LA and were just visiting. She researched the hell out of clubs and landed on the Rooster. Very odd place because it is basically some guy's house that was converted and has probably not been redecorated since the 80s. If you go in with a healthy sense of adventure, you should have a great time.
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    O.K., First, I am very, very white in case anyone didn't know. Second, I live in Las Vegas and have for the past fifteen years. Third, I was once quite active in the swinging community and I'm quite familiar with most of the clubs in town.
    Let me share my opinion and "mansplain" some stuff for you. Consider this a public service announcement.

    Ironically, "Sin City" is really not the best place for those active in the swinger community or other alternative lifestyles. Too many scammers. I had a more enjoyable time in Phoenix, Arizona with more honest and open people.
    And yes, that includes interracial.

    You will most likely be disappointed at the Green Door. Many of the "swinger" clubs in Las Vegas are simply there to scam money from tourists. It is located in the Sahara Commercial Center, not the best area, watch your back if you go
    down there. There are actually two clubs located there, The Green Door and Fantasy Social Club (or whatever they are calling it these days). A gay bar, a couple of gay bath houses, a Latino club, (don't go there, stabbings are a regular occurrence) a pool hall and one really good Korean bbq restaurant.

    Unless they have changed management (again) and seriously upgraded don't expect it to look like it does in the photos, it is well worn and not particularly clean. They allow a seemingly unlimited number of single men to enter, just for the dollars of course. I would only recommend going there if you have set something up ahead of time and arranged to meet someone there.

    The Red Rooster is a good club, but the owners are an older couple and the club is not as well maintained as it used to be. It tends to attract an older crowd. At least it is located far from the strip in a quiet, relatively safe area and they used to limit the number of singles allowed.

    I was a member of "Couples Oasis" in the past (google is your friend) it's the only local club I recommend to anyone. It's well maintained and has a good mix of couples and singles. You need to become a member and be pre-screened but that is easy enough, doesn't take long or cost too much. It caters to people who are actually involved in the lifestyle instead of scamming tourists. Everyone is also very open minded about interracial and anything else you might be into.

    There are a couple of local groups that hold private parties on occasion. Either at a private residence or by reserving a hotel suite. But I don't know if that will mesh with your vacation schedule.

    Honestly, I tell visitors that they might be better off just staying on the strip at a hotel that has a popular club onsite, which is most of them. You can meet someone downstairs and bring them up to your room if you wish. Can't beat that for convenience! Alternatively, you could try to arrange something with some of the verified (black) men on here who reside in, or travel to, Las Vegas. Host your own private party!

    If you have any specific questions, please ask, I'll try to help. Since I don't have any current association with any of these places I'll be completely honest with you.

    Good Luck!

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