Got my mom to fuck a fine black man!

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    Got my mom high the other night and took her to a club for a few drinks.Shes 70 years old but looks like a hot 50 yr.old.I began flirting with this very hot younger black guy and then asked him to seduce my mom!So he came to our table and bought my mother a couple more drinks and they talked and flirted,my mom had never even considered a black guy before,shes an elderly conservative white woman.As the night went on they got very close and very buzzed and he started kissing her and feeling her up and she smacked his hand and said not right here.Within an hour she told me he was going to give her a ride home.I gave him my number and told him to call me the following day and tell me how it went.He called me and said he fuck her hard for a long time and when he got ready to cum she wrapped her legs around him and said its ok to cum in her,wow my moms a black cock whore like me!!!Have any of your moms gone black?
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    what did you get her high on? you r awsome