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Got her to try!!


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I can't possibly imagine why she'd be reluctant to let you take pics, based upon the ones you've posted here. What kind of camera are you using that takes such poor quality pics? Really ... the cheapest of the cheapest cameras, these days, even a 10 year old cellphone camera, take better quality pics than what you've posted. Maybe a new camera will make it onto your Christmas list. Heck, if we were friends, I'd give you one, myself. :happy: From what I can tell of the shower pics, she has a very nice figure, though. :)

I read all your posts, though, and it doesn't sound like you're lady is into this "cuckolding" idea. You should realize that the reason(s) a woman might cuckold her man are usually entirely different for the reason(s) a man might want her to cuckold him. Married women aren't usually into cheating on their husbands unless they're unhappy with them. It sounds like you're married to a typical woman, thus getting her into swinging activities is going to take some patients and probably a different approach from the one you're using. Realize that this kind of activity makes no sense to her at all. If you continue to move forward with this, think in terms of accomplishing something that will benefit HER, not you. I believe if you were in her shoes, you'd understand better why she's being so reluctant.

It might help the forum readers if you'd expand a bit more on your current relationship with her, (how long married, if you have a family, her sexual past, etc) and more detail on the outcome of the above cuckold event you mentioned above ... what happened, what was her opinion of it afterwards, etc. Obviously, she wasn't overly impressed with the guy or she'd have mentioned it more in a favorable sense and indicated her desire to do it again. Best of luck ... Mac :)


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It's been over a year now since i've tried to get my wife to entertain the idea of having someone else take her while I watch. Finally on a recent trip, given that no one knew us and we'd never see them again. I got her into it. Thankfully he was black and up for the me watching and not getting involved. She was reluctant to let me take pics, let alone videotape her. I've finally broken into having my wife get stretched and abused to the point of exhaustion. I never knew how hot she could look getting fucked by someone else and the noises she could make. Using this site has helped a ton, I guess i'll have to travel more to get away from anyone who would ever find out.
I find a couple of things a bit disturbing in your post. Your comment " I've finally broken into having my wife get stretched and abused to the point of exhaustion." makes me question what you motives are. I certainly wouldn't want anyone I love abused. Most people regardless of race or gender dislike being really abused. Some roll playing can take place but real abuse isn't usually going to fly. You better really make sure that this is something she wants to do.

I have been fucking married women probably for longer than you have been alive. I don't recall anyone one of them that wanted me to abuse her. I do enjoy curling their toes repeatedly, prolonged pleasure has always seemed to work well to bring women back to my bed. None of the women have included their husbands.

I think a the very least you are going to end up pissing off your wife and you will pay a price for that. Making ones wife angry or upset is never good. Worst case scenario is that you end up needing a good divorce lawyer. If she decides to divorce you what do you think would happen if she goes to court and tells His Honor the judge that you made her fuck strange black men for your visual enjoyment? You will would be lucky to leave the court with your balls intact.
Thank you for the posts fellas, I do enjoy the wisdom. Maybe the wording i'm using is slightly more agressive than reality dictates. She did enjoy it, the pillow talk after was real. I've been with this woman for almost two decades and would never push her into making a horrible decision. Thank you though for your thoughts.