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There has been considerable discussion and a lot of difference of opinion about how people like their sex. In short I like it prolonged, wet and loud. I have been sexually active longer than most of the visitors to this site have been alive. I am in my early 60's and I still get all the pussy I want.

I tend to be dominant in bed, but dominant does not equate to being abusive. Most of my relationships are and have been long term and I know my my way around my bed partners body pretty well. I know where the "right" places are and I don't ask permission to go there. I know what curls their toes and recreational sex is after all about pleasure.

I think one of the things that younger bulls miss out on is prolonging the act of fucking. Orgasm for both people is much more intense if it is delayed. I thoroughly enjoy a woman that can bring me to the brink and then cool me down just a bit. After that process is repeated a few times the orgasm is intense, much more so than if i went over the top in a few minutes. Of course I try to do the same thing to her.

I expect to be treated civilly, using the N word will earn you a hasty departure from my bed. The women that share my bed may not be ladies (I have been informed that referring to a woman as a lady is condescending) but they are not sluts, bitches or any other derogatory term. Most of the women that have shared my bed have been well educated a PHD or two among them and they are used to being treated in a respectful manner.

Sex really come down to two attitudes. The male can either fuck the woman or the couple can share the experience. I can insert my cock into a pussy and I can bring pleasure to the woman and I can give myself pleasure. Or I can share my bed with a woman that is bent on giving me as much pleasure as I am giving her. The latter is a much more pleasurable experience

I often read that a bull gets a woman to do something. A lot of time it seems that the request is for something the woman may not really want to do or involve some toilet game or some form of humiliation. I never really understood that. I have always wanted my partner to enjoy the experience and I certainly get no pleasure in forcing a woman to do something she doesn't want to do. It is to me a poor use of power over another person

As I was typing this one of my friends called and she inquired if I was available tonight. And I am. I don't chase pussy anymore and I get laid at least 3 times a week. As I have gotten older I have cut back a bit. These are women that choose to share my bed and from time to time they introduce me to new people. At least for me treating women well and fucking them well has worked for me.


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Interestingly enough, I've found that most ladies often like being teated in a totally different way in private, than what they do in public. That old saying "a lady in public, and a whore in bed" isn't all that far off in many cases. My wife loves sex and loves me calling her a "slut" when she's really getting into it. I know her facial expressions totally change to something evil and obsessive when she's getting into her fucks. You'd never suspect or guess her bedroom actions if you met her in public. I've always had this fantasy of her mom (who tries to act so proper, herself) watching her daughter in action. I wonder if she'd be surprised? :p

It's hard, however, when you're with a new lady, particularly, to resist that desire to get a quick "nut", so you can get down to some good, steady, rhythmatic fucking. But I love & prefer oral sex, first, and have never denied a lady a few oral orgasms before doing so. As Torpedo has hinted, a man knows when he's doing something right when the ladies call them and ask if they're available for the night. Personally, I get even more worked up when a woman shows some initiative in bed. :)


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Your bed partner should be a partner, not just a place to to put a cock. I have no abjection to a certain amount of roll playing but I dislike talking to anyone in a derogatory way. One of the lessons of my youth that my father instilled was just because someone called me a derogatory name(s) did not make it OK for me to do so. I was required to treat ALL older people with respect and to respect ALL women. Trust me when I say that behaving contrary to my father's wishes was not a good thing. Infractions were seldom repeated. I would point out that I grew up, got a good education, and most people call be sir or Mr.

I can understand that for some women some derogatory language in bed is stimulating and as long no real insult ot injury is intended I would suppose that it is OK. That was not the way I was raised.

There is the old adage "different strokes for different folks". And it is quite true. Not everyone crosses the IR line, Not everyone shares their bed with a member of the opposite sex. I think the most important thing is that we all respect each other and try to go through life and do no harm.