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  1. Torpedo

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    I have read a lot of discussion here on a variety of subjects. It really all relates back to the title here. What is good sex or better yet what makes sex great.

    I enjoy watching my partner's facial expressions while she is getting fucked. The women I share my bed are by choice in LTR with me so I know the person I am in bed with and it is immensely pleasurable to me to know that I can curl her toes.
    The floor is yours!
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    when im kissed and held i feel electrified. like all my senses are focused on the moment by moment sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste of my partner. i am there 100 percent and need him to be also. i look for the glances, feel the muscles pulsing, listen to the breathing, open to the nudges.
  3. Torpedo

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    I have never had bad sex, but some has been a lot better than others. For really great sex there is a connection, it isn't love I think it is compatible lust. There have been a few women over the years that seem to know exactly what to do and when to do it and I seem to be able to push the right buttons that curls their toes.
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    Hmmmm, a tie of scrutiny in this one... good sex is the sweat gaim of prespired excellence
    The sheer throbbing expenditure of swollen pussy lips & dick tingling...
    Deep sensual kisses both tongue/teeth and lips small bitten
    Contracting nipples swollen from being well sucked & breasts well gripped #slowforcefulness
    Asses with hand prints & back scratched
    Even marked his/hers...

    Its a delightful exploration of pushed limits and exhibition