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Going to USA


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Your profile pic has been used already, by several other guys at one point or another. Innnnnteresting.
Good work, detective, not to mention the fact that whoever this person is, they haven't visited this site in 9 months, and his proclamation that he was coming to the U.S after the holidays was posted 364 days ago. But I'm sure none of what you or I just wrote matters, as I'm sure somebody else will come along and reply to his post.

Mariposa blanca

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Lol, I didn't even pay attention to when he was last here. I noticed the pic, and I knew I'd seen it several times before, including the very first local guy on here that I met face-to-face. We didn't get to the point where I ever learned if the pic was even close to his reality, but, I do know that when you see it attached to more than one name, something doesn't smell quite right. :)