Going Mad?


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We only began involving other males (BBC only) in our sex lives about 16 months ago. Mrs Inked upon hearing that I had "swung" previously, stated, and I quote "Don't ever think I will do anything like that" Luckily for me, one of the reasons I fell in love with her, she does not judge and is very open minded, and I guess curiosity got the better of her. as it was not long before it was mentioned in our bedroom antics, it became obvious that the idea was exciting her. She was concerned that it was an excuse for me to fuck other women. but that faded when I explained that it was not about that for me but about watching her enjoy herself and be enjoyed back by another male, with out any guilt or concerns of having it thrown in her face at a later date. I explained that if we did take it further she had to be totally at ease with the fact that I wanted us to experience every emotion possible and share/ make memories together involving others. Along the way we have had ups and downs, nothing that down to put us off exploring more. Its been amazing for me watching Mrs inked gain self confidence and grow into the beautiful wife I see as she as grown to realise that she was born to fuck BBC. The issue I have is that I am going mad because my whole spare time is devoted to finding her BBC to satisfy her cravings, even encouraging her to take a regular BBC that could be introduced to our family and friends. IS THIS A regular event for cuckolds? Do other cucks constantly think about there wife's taking BBC? I wank at every opportunity possible? always imaging one of our meets or watching a vid of the action. I would be happy if we could have a BBc living with us even. I am even trying to arrange a holiday for her, with or without me. just as long as I know she will be able to get BBC anytime. Am I going mad?