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Glorious Glory Hole

Tory was about the horniest she could remember ever being when she pulled up to the service station. For one reason or another, she hadn't done any fucking in almost three weeks, and the situation was exacerbated when she sat on the lumpy car seat and drove on the old, pot-holed road. Every bump or hole she hit drove something against her needy pussy and, by the time she had been driving for an hour, she desperately needed to do something for relief. She needed gasoline also, but, mostly, she wanted to stop in the modern, new service station and use the restroom, so she could sit down and play with her clit until she climaxed.

Once she got into the last stall in the ladies' rest room, with the door locked, she breathed a sigh of relief at finally being able to satisfy her needs. With her skirt hiked up above her hips, Tory pulled her panties down around her thighs, sat on the toilet and scuffed off her shoes. Once her ass was settled, with her pussy hanging over the front of the seat where she could reach it easily, she pulled the panties off the rest of the way and stuffed them into her purse. She might put them back on before she went back to her car, but probably not.

From the anticipation, her pussy was already dripping wet, so Tory rubbed some of the fluid onto the tips of the thumb and index finger of her right hand. Carefully using them to pinch her clit between two folds of her lips, she started slowly stroking up and down. It felt good enough, and she knew she would cum from the action, but it was not as satisfactory as she would have liked. What she really wanted was a big, hard cock or, failing that, a big dildo or vibrator.

She had been in such a hurry to get into the rest room stall and get her panties off that Tory hadn't paid much attention to the interior of the stall before sitting down. However, once her fingers got to fondling her clit at a good tempo, she looked around. To her right, and just in front of her was a hole in the wall, about two inches across. She knew she was in the last stall in the ladies' room, and on the other side of the partition was the men's room. That meant that there could well be some unknown slimy bastard on the other side, peeking through the hole and watching her as she played with her pussy. A quick burst of embarrassment turned her normally freckled white face pink, but that possibility was not enough to deter her from what she needed to do. Tory's fingers continued their slow stroking of her clit.

"What kind of a pervert," she asked herself, "peeps through a hole in the wall to look at a woman sitting on the toilet?"

She hadn't spoken aloud, but someone responded to her anyhow. "Would you like something better than your fingers?" a soft masculine voice hoarsely whispered to her.

When she heard him, Tory realized it was a glory hole, not just a peep hole. She didn't recognize the voice, which was not surprising, since she had never been in this service station before. The speaker sounded like an African American, probably about her age, which was thirty years old. Whatever or whoever he was, he was a man, and almost certainly had something to offer that would be a lot more fun than her fingers.
"Have you got something better?" she asked the unseen man.

There was no verbal response, but the man on the other side of the partition answered her question by thrusting his dark brown cock through the hole. It was big and hard, just the kind that Tory had been wishing for while she sat playing with her clit. To her, as she gazed lustfully at the unknown man's erection, it was as welcome as a long, thick chocolate bar would have been to a chocoholic. The problem was that the handsome cock was not encased in a condom. Tory had no wish to become pregnant or to contract AIDS or some STD from such a casual encounter as she was about to start having.

"Don't you have a rubber?" she asked the owner of the cock.

"No. I don't like to use them." He was whispering, but Tory didn't bother. There was nobody else in her rest room anyhow.

It would have been a simple matter for Tory to back up against the partition where the long, thick cock awaited her pleasure, and taken it deeply into her pussy. She was wet enough, and really wanted to do just that, but caution and common sense prevailed. The temporary satisfaction of a good fucking just wasn't worth the risk involved, but that did not mean she was going to pass up this opportunity to alleviate her horniness. Getting herself off with her fingers on her clit was an inferior, although adequate cure for the condition, but it would be much better to have a nice cock, such as the one protruding through the hole, to suck off while she was masturbating.

"Okay," Tory told the man behind the wall, reaching out and reassuringly fondling his hard shaft with her fingers. As she slowly stroked, she liked the contrast between the rich dark color of the cock she was about to start sucking and her fair, freckled skin of her hand and wrist.

Using her other hand to keep her skirt off the floor, Tory knelt in front of the cock that was poking through the wall for her. When she was on her knees, it was at just about the right height to easily take into her mouth. Still holding lightly to what she would be sucking, Tory spread her legs widely enough for the fingers of her right hand to resume what they had been doing to her clit, and made herself comfortable. She leaned forward and started licking the dark, almost purple head of the rampant cock. That was always Tory's favorite way to start giving a blow job, because she loved the sensation of her tongue against the velvety texture.

She expanded on the contact, moving her tongue in concentric circles as she leaned closer and took the mushroom-shaped head between her lips, until her tongue was caressing under the hard ridge. The cock presented to her was long and thick, just the kind Tory liked, either in her pussy or in her mouth, and she spread her lips wide and started to envelop it. While her fingers slowly and gently stroked her clit, Tory leaned forward, keeping her tongue busy while she happily filled her mouth with the dark cylinder.

"Geeez, that feels good," the unseen man moaned.

It felt good to Tory too, but she didn't say anything. She had much better things to do with her mouth than to respond to what some guy said to her, even though she took it as a compliment. It felt even better as she moved her face forward, letting the hard, brown shaft surge between her lips and more deeply into her mouth. It was thick enough that she had to open wide, but not so thick that she risked hurting her jaw to accommodate it. Her tongue was also pleasantly occupied as it caressed the smooth skin stretched so tightly around its hardness.

When she felt the tip pressing against the back of her throat, Tory smiled to herself. She would give the man deep throat, but not for a little while. First, she wanted to revel in having his shaft glide in and out of her mouth for a few minutes, while her own fingers played with her clit. Tory moved her face back until just the end of the unknown man's cock was still held by her lips, and fondled it affectionately with her tongue, stroking all over the head and around the ridge and probing the tip of her tongue into the slit.

She didn't have to hold onto him; the man on the other side wasn't going to walk away from such a good thing, so Tory used her left hand to unbutton her blouse, lift her bra, and start to tweak one of her rigid nipples. With her right hand stroking her clit, her left hand fondling her breasts and her mouth moving back and forth, engulfing and releasing the big, brown cock, she was truly enjoying herself. She could tell the man was too, by his moans and gasps, and by the way he didn't simply back away from the partition.

It got even better for both of them. Tory truly loves sucking cocks, and she is good at it. In fact, she took pride in being able to take almost any man's equipment all the way into her mouth, and suck him off, bringing him to a strong climax and swallowing his cum. The man on the other side of the glory hole was well-hung, but she had deep-throated bigger cocks than his. The next time the tip pressed against the back of her mouth, Tory didn't stop moving her face forward. She adjusted the angle of her head, opened her throat, the way she had learned to do, and let the end of the cock slide in. Not until her lips were being tickled by the man's curly, black pubic hair did she stop.

With every inch of the long shaft inside her mouth and throat, she laved its entire length with her tongue, while the muscles in her throat massaged the head. After a few seconds, Tory moved her face back, still caressing the shaft with her tongue, until only the head was between her lips. After licking all over that part and probing the slit again, she moved her face forward, until the head of the cock was once more being massaged by her throat.
This went on for a long time, because Tory's lips and throat and tongue and the fingers moving up and down on her clit maintained the same, slow pace. She was relishing everything about her rest room adventure, from the cock she was sucking to how her clit felt between her fingers to the aroma of the juices dripping from her pussy onto the floor. Obviously, the man was too, because he kept whispering to her how good it was, and Tory could hear his moans and sighs and other sounds that signified happiness.

It couldn't last forever, though, or even all day. Already, her pussy was moving involuntarily, fucking against the hand that was fondling her clit. Her level of pleasure had been slowly building up, like a volcano that was still bubbling under the surface, but that would soon explode in a mighty eruption. That eruption was still in the future but, even though she was doing everything slowly to make it last, her volcano would be bursting through in a few minutes. Wanting the man to cum first, and fill her mouth with semen, Tory started moving her lips faster and for a shorter distance, because she decided to stop deep-throating the man.

Tory has always relished the taste of a man's cum. She likes to think of it as a reward for properly sucking him off, and hates to be deprived of her treat. She is also aware that sometimes a man will cum abruptly, with little or no warning, and Tory didn't want his semen to be shot directly down her throat, depriving her of its delicious flavor and texture. To prevent that, she always wants her tongue to be in a position to catch it, so she can enjoy all the benefits of having him cum in her mouth. The man on the other side of the partition didn't seem to have any objection. His happy noises seemed to be even louder.

Faster and faster Tory sucked, until she felt the cock throbbing in her mouth. Knowing the man would be climaxing momentarily, she positioned her tongue under the pathway of his cock, where it would catch everything he gave her. The fingers on her clit moved faster, matched by the way her pussy fucked against her hand, but she knew she wouldn't cum until after he did. She also knew that the delightful taste and texture of the juices she would soon have in her mouth would add to the power and intensity of her orgasm.

The sucking-off continued, until the man's cock jerked in her mouth and, seconds later, pumped out a big gob of cum. It landed on her tongue, right where Tory wanted it, and she savored it, before moving it to the bottom of her mouth, where she would be able to swirl it around and relish the texture besides the taste. Tory's mouth didn't stop sucking, because she expected the man to ejaculate at least one more time, and she certainly didn't want him to remove his cock and leave until he had, and she had enjoyed that, and everything else she could get.

The second ejaculation landed right on her tongue, and was just as delicious as the first had been, and the third followed seconds later. She continued stroking the cock between her lips. Even though she already had a mouthful of cum, Tory wanted more, if it was to be available, and also to lick everything off his hard shaft, and squeeze out and enjoy anything that was inside. She really loves semen, and didn't want any of it to be wasted.

What had already been caught by on her tongue certainly wasn't wasted. Finally sure there would be no more cum for her, Tory removed her mouth from around the cock, holding it tightly enough to keep the man from walking away, but loosely enough that it would not be painful. She swirled his cum around in her mouth, savoring its taste - slightly salty, with a tinge of fish, but still delicious - and its thick texture, until she swallowed it, even enjoying the way it slipped down her throat. There was more, clinging to the outside of the softening cock she held in her hand, and Tory's tongue meticulously cleaned off every drop.

She knew there was still more, on the inside of the shaft in her hand. Reaching through the hole in the wall and placing her thumb as close to his scrotum as she could, and her fingers on the opposite side, Tory started slowly moving her hand toward her waiting mouth. As she moved it, more cum oozed through the slit, and she caught it on her tongue. When her thumb and fingers reached the ridge, and she had squeezed out everything, the tip of Tory's tongue probed the slit for the last time, trying to get even the tiniest of droplets. Then and only then, she released her hold on the cock that had been so much fun to suck off. It disappeared back through the glory hole, and she heard the noise made by a zipper, followed seconds later by the sound of the door closing as the man exited the stall he had been occupying.

There was still a lot of fun ahead. Even while concentrating on the tasty treat that had been her reward, Tory's fingers had been just as active on her clit. The cock going in and out between her lips, followed by the texture and taste that had pleased her mouth so much would be enough to result in a great orgasm in a few seconds. For stability, both hands surrounded her pussy, and Tory remained kneeling on the floor, not wanting to interrupt the rhythm of her fingers on her clit, as she felt her body quivering from the reaction.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she whimpered, her exclamations keeping time with her fingers. Tory hoped nobody would hear her, but she was not concerned enough to even consider stopping. Just before she started cumming, Tory pressed her forearm against her mouth, to stifle the cries of joy that might have proved embarrassing if anybody else were to hear them. Silently, she writhed on her knees for almost a minute, almost falling to the floor, until all her muscles clenched, and she climaxed, ramming her pussy against her own hand for an ultimate time.

After her orgasm, probably the best she had ever experienced without having her pussy full of something, Tory leaned against the wall, the glory hole just inches in front of her face. Briefly, she wondered what she would do if another cock were to poke through into her space, but she never had to decide, because it didn't happen. Tory remained where she was, catching her breath, for another minute, before getting to her feet and moving over to sit on the toilet seat for a few more minutes. She needed to rest, and she hoped the man she had just sucked off would be gone from the service station by the time she left the rest room. Not having seen his face, she wouldn't have known him, but he might have been waiting for her outside the door. She had nothing against him, but she really wasn't looking for a relationship just then.

Finally, Tory was ready to leave. After straightening out her clothing, she left the stall, washed her hands, and glanced around when she strolled casually out of the rest room. Nobody took any notice of her as she walked to her car, got in and drove away. The great orgasm had alleviated her horniness, and there was a vibrator and two dildos waiting in her apartment if she needed any more relief that day.