Girls Who Like to Pleasure Themselves


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They HAVE to do "it"! They HAVE to put their hand down "there", or in some cases, back "there"! All the while in their moments of self-indulgence, they are thinking about that young, black high school, college class mate (and these days, quite possibly student), or advisor or professor. Or they could be remembering the aroma of the cologne of the black male office mail clerk, coworker, or supervisor at work. Even better, they just may be thinking of the large hands of a black neighbor, mail man; the physique of an athelete, actor or the voice of an entertainer; with whom they will be more than happy to replace their fingers, favorite toy or BFF's tongue (or husband's, well, you know), with the dark endowment and pulsating, thrusting of a black man between their legs or in their ass. White women just HAVE to have it!

This thread is devoted to the sexy white ladies who just can't wait for us Black Bulls and Stallions to get to them, so they find ways to please themselves...

In an effort to keep the pictures as amateur/artistic as possible, I have two requests:
No Pictures with Websites or copy written "(C)" indicators on pictures - is NOT into free promotion to other websites.
No Pornstars - Unless they APPEAR amateur. I suggest you create a thread dedicated to them. I guarantee it will be popular.