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girls, does it turn you on if your boyfriend watches?


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For me, I love having my hubby there to watch because that is what turns him on. And it adds to my enjoyment too. He likes seeing me pleasured, and I like being naughty for him. I don't ignore my hubby per se, but I am totally focused on my black lover when we play. But afterwards, I enjoy the intimacy that my hubby and I share. With my lover, it's all sex, fucking. But with my hubby, it's sensual, making love.
Everything i wanted to say.
Guy here, but I think it's good for the husband to see. He should have to watch as his wife lets another man push in and out of her pussy over and over and over making it his. He should have to see her get so wet and juicy all over another mans cock and watch as another man gives her an orgasm. She should show her husband or boyfriend that she loves sucking her lovers cock so much with the same mouth she kisses him with. It should be burned into his mind that she loves and needs sex with other men and he should do everything to help her make it happen.
Yes very much. While my husband isnt clueless to the fact that I get pleasure from this to, we enjoy seeing each other get so turned on. He says I'm his personal pornstar. I feel like a pornstar at times. I feel I can act out any fantasy or say pretty much anything while in the moment.