Girlfriend took a black DP

So as a few of you may know, several months ago I posted a thread about my girlfriend telling me about a black FWB she had who had a monster dick (that thread here). She then told me she wanted to try a DP and now a few months behind schedule, she's done it!

She did this at my request and it was my idea. She texted her old black FWB that she was no longer seeing to ask if he would be interested and if he had a friend. He was and he did. It took a couple months of scheduling but one night they finally came over a few nights ago. For the sake of the story we'll call her ex-FWB James and his friend that he brought Kevin. I changed the names from real life *shrugs*.

She was wearing a spaghetti string tank top and jeans, just normal clothes on top, but underneath she was wearing her sexiest black lace thong and bra. She said she wanted to get them hard as fast as possible. The normal clothes didn't stay on long, however. Literally as soon as she opened the door, James tongue kissed her. His friend Kevin said "damn she is hot you were right."

They brought her over to the couch and they slid off her pants. James continued to make out with her, his hands going underneath her tank top and grabbing and playing with her breasts. Kevin was paying a lot of attention to her ass, running his hand over it and slightly spanking it.

She started sucking and jerking them both off until they were hard. As I mentioned in the last thread her James has a dick around 9 inches as thick as her wrist. Kevin was even bigger! He claimed to be 10 inches but it was much, much thicker than his friend's too. Literally had to be like, her ankle or something. It was crazy. They were dicks straight out of porn movies and I couldn't believe my girlfriend was going to take them. As you recall from the last thread, she's just a small white girl. She's 5'5 and about 115 lbs.

Her thong flew off, which I was unhappy about to be honest because I wanted to see her get fucked with it kind of pushed to the side while still on but it is what it is. James had the first shot at her likely because he had had her before. Neither of them wore condoms, just like we had planned and told them not to.

He eased his dick into her pussy. It gripped his dick tight as it spread wide. He only got about halfway down when he stopped. I was a little disappointed because she told me before she had taken him all the way. "You've tightened back up huh bitch?" he said when this happened. He bent her legs back behind her head and started to pound. My heart was racing as each time he pounded it seemed he went a little bit deeper. While he did this, she was jerking and trying to suck Kevin off as much as she could but you could tell she was in ecstasy and was moaning out in pleasure. I don't know how long that went on, a few minutes, but then they changed positions where Kevin started fucking her and she sucked James. Kevin was a lot more violent than James and he literally was ramming his dick in as hard as he could it seemed. He still didn't get all the way in which didn't surprise me with how thick he was but her eyes were rolling back in her head as she screamed out. Her tank top was still on at this point but James ripped it off over hear head and took off her bra. He started to cum all over her tits and I was worried that it might be over too soon but he said "I got more coming."

They took turns on her like this in a few different positions for awhile before they started to pay any attention to her ass. It was Kevin that wanted it first. While James used to finger her ass, Kevin didn't waste time with that. He soaked his dick with lube and then slowly started to push it in. It wouldn't go in at first AT ALL. He told her to just relax and she could take it. After a few tries the head disappeared and he kept slowly easing it in. Remember, Kevin is the guy with the bigger dick too. My eyes were wide as I watched him spread her WIDE. Her ass was spreading so wide it looked almost like she didn't even have a crack anymore, lol. He was doing her doggie style and every once in awhile he would spank her ass with a nice loud slap. Her cheeks got really red. One of the best parts of the whole thing for me was when Kevin was analling her, he had a hand on the small of her back. She has very pronounced back dimples and the small of her back is my favorite part of her body. To see another man touching it while he used her was awesome.

Well the story is getting long now so I'll cut to good parts. Eventually they started DPing her. Kevin was in her ass and James in her pussy. After a good long while of fucking her ass Kevin had managed to get down to his balls inside of her. 10 inches of thick dick in her ass, damn! That's like her being fisted down to her elbow. She later told me she could feel it deep up in what felt like her stomach and the sensation was surreal. James was also going balls deep with each thrust. The way it was set up, Kevin was laying on the couch with her on top of him and him fucking her ass while James stood over them and thrusted into her pussy. This gave James' thrusts a lot more power (though Kevin wasn't holding back much either) and James was easily bottoming out. Another thing I want to mention is that Kevin had an arm around her neck as well. He was kind of choking her in this one-armed headlock which I LOVED. I wanted them to choke her more but didn't say anything. I sort of wish I had!

Soon James stopped thrusting so rapidly as he came deeply into her. She later described it to me. She said she could feel his dick stiffen, which surprised her because "believe me, he was already rock hard." She could feel it pulsate as he orgasmed and then she felt hot blasts of cum. When he pulled out, it oozed out of her pussy and onto Kevin's dick and balls which was a little gross. She felt like such a slut for allowing it but she liked it. Something else I noticed after James pulled out was that her pussy lips were raw and red. :)

After that Kevin switched and got on top of her. He put her back in the position where he bent her legs over her head and placed his hands on her thighs. It was crazy that he started fucking her pussy AFTER James had cum in it! He was still only going about 3/4 of the way down his dick in her pussy until the end. Suddenly he rammed it all home and it went down to the balls. This was right when he cummed so that was probably why he did it I suppose. He cummed deeply into her too and she told me after both did she felt really "full." As promised, she wasn't on birth control. I loved every second of it and hope the slut gets pregnant. She doesn't want to get pregnant but said if it happens we'll "cross that bridge when we get to it." Guess we won't know for a few days yet.

This was a great experience for both of us. She said she would love to do it again and I agreed I wanted her to. She was extremely sore the next day, especially her legs from being bent back and she said her ass still felt like it was "wide open" even though it wasn't.

Hope ya like the story!

Edit: Oh I have some non-naked pictures of her if anybody is interested just PM me. I don't want to really post them out in the open but will share via PM.
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