Girlfriend agrees to cuckold with bbc


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After working on her for sometime she has finally agreed to cuckold me and try her first hung bbc sometime soon. A little more dildo play and talk and she said she would like to try this lifestyle out.
Ill post some pics with a little less clothing on down the line.
How did you do it? Been trying for a long time without luck.
We do some partying which gets us in the mood. I began by showing her pics I had collected, threads I had book marked to read, and IR porn. She was against it at first but was ok with us enjoying the fantasy. As time has gone by she has really wanted to embrace me and all the things I enjoy, sex being one of them. She has a large appetite for fucking and so do I. Our sex has been really good but I kept pressing ever so slightly if she had any fantasies. Then she inquired whether I did. I then proceeded to show her booked marked links. Women love to read for themselves and read what other women write. She also enjoyed seeing pics that showed the looks on other women's faces while they were getting hammered by big hung black cocks. It was the subtleties. The curled toes, the normalcy of it being attractive housewives and girlfriends. And the thought that it was to please me and that the studd will leave once he is done.
It's not in the bag yet but she has agreed that if things keep going the way they are with her comfort level, she will try it if that's what would make me happy.
I ordered a lifelike Sean Michael's dildo the other day she picked out with excitement and enthusiasm. She wants to first get comfortable taking a big cock and seeing what a hung black cock looks like going in and out of her pussy.

I have also mandated she masturbate regularly to IR porn that I send her links to or that I have ripped. I only allow her to masturbate to IR porn and I talk about her getting fucked and sucking hung black cocks while we are fucking.
You make several good points. My girl thinks only "porn stars" do this type of thing. Yet, I tell her that it's everyday real people who do this so its ok for us to try it out. I want us to be mutually pleasured. Her receiving a BBC and me watch and joining in, too. Is that how you and your wife see it, Pegramguy?