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Ginger and Two Bulls


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Last night Ginger wanted two bulls, so we contacted Blake and Trey...they showed up and took care of business. I was told to watch, let them taek care of her needs. I reluctantly sat in a chair in the hotel room.

Weve been swinging for a year, but took a long break. Ginger loves groups, but her ass has tightened up so much, she has been shy to take on huge bbc's. She likes her ass to be filled and to give herself totally to make her bull happy. So two was part of her getting back into shape.

She took turns sucking theior cocks, spending more time on Blakes truly huge penis. She was choking and gagging on his thick cock, mascara and tears running down her face. Eevntually, his balls were hitiing her chin, and she smiled in satisfaction.

Nobody fucked her ass, except for fingers probing her browneye. The bulls told me to lick and lube uop her asshole, which I did while she took turns sucking them. Its very hot seeing two big dicked studs on each side of your wife who is on all fours, their black fingers plunging deep into her ass while she moaned an dscreamed.

They finally fucked her pussy, one caem in her pussy, while the last, at her begging, face fucked her until cum was streaming out of the corners of her mouth!! She licked up every drop, smiling in satisfaction. BlkGB 011.JPG BlkGB 025.JPG BlkGB 035.JPG BlkGB 052.JPG BlkGB 057.JPG BlkGB 058.JPG