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GF vs. Wife Cuckoldry

I think I would only wanna do this with a wife or very serious girl friend. It's still a socially taboo lifestyle that is looked crossed eyed at and won't help your social life outside of sex, of course.
I love wife scenario for all the obvious reasons. However what I love about my gf doing it is rhat now that we've started it already. We have the advanced notice to do all the naughty scenerios.

Getting her fucked before the wedding and spending her first night as my wife with a BBC, maybe even a cuckold themed wedding. I haven't discussed that with her but I know she'd go for it. The other two she's all about though and if we ever do get married I'll tell everyone all about it.
The dream comes when one the day of their wedding, the Groom gets to sit back and watch his for girlfriend, now his Bride, actually assume the mantle of becoming a Black Cock slut for real before his eyes. Then he knows that he truly married the right woman!

this picture is too perfect, a white woman, a new bride, sucking off a black man on her wedding night. too perfect
At the beginning, I found it so horny to have my gf going black. Gf's are precisely unsecured partners. I remember her first time. It was in a nudist sauna, in a room full of Black men. Her face still looking for me, like she didn't want to get lost, while her pussy and body drifted away... in a cloud of Black flesh. Getting penetrated doggy style with a look in her eyes, like telling me: Sorry, babe, I think I like this! Yes, I think gf cuckoldry is superior to wife, from a psychological point of view.
Exciting to have a family member cuck me, Mother or a sister. But since that will never happen I like my wife better than when my girlfriend cucked me. My girlfriend publicly humiliated me whenever she could and sometimes it was very degrading but it was her right to do so. I am into kinky submission so I like most anything .