Gf driven wild by BBC

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    I was sitting around one night watching TV with my girlfriend when a friend stopped by on his way home from a bike ride.

    He walked in wearing a cycling shirt and tight white nylon biking shorts that contrasted sharply with his black muscular thighs. Although, this is not what I noticed first.

    What my eyes were immediately drawn to was the large curving bulge that ran from his crotch, down his thigh, almost to the bottom of his shorts just above the knee.

    I could also see that my girlfriends eyes were wide with surprise and desire. He strode in and came over to shake my hand. He stood before us knowing full well what we were fixated on. When he stepped close to give her a prolonged hug, he let that bulge graze against her leg. She was polite, saying hi and excusing herself when she drooled as she spoke.

    He went and sat down on the sofa opposite us while we watched tv.
    My girlfriend leaned in and whispered in my ear,

    "Did you see that? Oh my god, it was huge."

    "Yea, I did." I gulped as I felt my cock begin to shrink at the thought of her lusting over such a huge cock.

    Knowing I had always fantasized about her with another man, she decided to toy with me and reached her hand down my pants.

    I felt instantly embarrased and ashamed when he tried to grab my shrinking cock.

    "Oh, baby...where is your cock going? Afraid of the big black bull? I bet if I reached into his pants I'd be able to find that black monster that he is packing."

    She began to tug.

    "Do you know how wet I am right now just thinking about that dick?"

    My cock was barely hard as it started to cum in her hand.

    "Oh, how cute." She said, "but I'm not done teasing you."

    She pulled her hand out from my pants, covered in cum and pressed her fingers to my lips...

    "Lick my fingers or I'll walk right over there and pull his cock out."

    I had no other choice. Just thinking of her being ruined by just the sight of it, let alone screaming in pleasure from it, was enough to make me eagerly lick my cum from her fingers.

    "Good boy." she purred as she slipped her hand back into my pants.

    Then she reached into her own and pulled out a hand drenched with her own wetness.

    "I can't help it, baby. My pussy wants it too badly..."

    To be continued if anyone is interested...
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    Let's here it! I hope she gets fucked