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Zee drove back to his pad after two hours of playing basketball at one of his friend’s courtyard. His apartment was situated in a condo suit overlooking the beach. The neighbourhood was quiet and ultra-modern, and though the price tag had been kind of a cut-throat to settle, he felt good having secured it, knowing a lot of brothers out there would be just as envious to be holed up in an area like this.
He entered his lush apartment, dropped his gym bag and face towel on a couch, threw his car keys on a coffee table and went into the bedroom. He showered then went into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He put on a jazz album in his disc player then went into the kitchen to drink some water. Having cooled off a bit, he returned to his bedroom to sit at his desktop computer to check his mails and correspondences. He smiled when he saw that he’d caught another woman’s attention with the thread post he’d made a couple of days ago at an online erotic forum site dedicated towards interracial dating and hook-ups. In the discussion thread he’d asked the question if there were any white women out there desiring a chance of wanting to be pimped. Pimping was his game, and if any sexy women around felt the need for a taste of black experience and more, then they need not look any further. He’d left his email address at the end of the thread and wrote that they should give him a shout-out whenever they feel like it. Two women had already contacted him, and now here was a third. He clicked on the mail and began to read:
Hi there Pimp Zee,
My name’s Marilyn. I read your thread at the ­__ forum and would like to get in touch with you regarding it. I’ve got a ‘36DD pair of tits, and I’ve got a thick ass to match LOL. Please write to me or even better call me at this number below. Can’t wait to hear from you.
Zee scribbled down her phone number on a pad then checked through his other mails before deciding to give her a call. The phone rang a third time before being picked up. The woman at the other end of the line said “Hello” into his ear. She had a nice sounding voice; Zee hopped that it was Marilyn and not someone else.

“Hi, my name’s Pimp Zee, and I’m calling—”

“Oh my God,” the woman exclaimed delight in her voice. “Hi there, Zee. This is Marilyn on the line.”

“Hi Marilyn. I just finished reading your mail that you sent me and thought I’d give you a call.”

“Thanks for calling, Zee. Tell me, is that really your name or something you picked up?”

Zee couldn’t help but laugh; it had been a long time since anyone thought it curious to inquire about his nickname. “My real name is Darren, but my friends tend to call me Zee. The pimp is as it’s part of what I do, which is pimp lovely white chicks.”

“White chicks who love tasting black meat, is that it?” she chuckled into his ear.

“Yep that’s it, babe. So how about you telling me a little about yourself?”

“Well, Marilyn is my first name. I’m in my mid-thirties, being married for thirteen years with three kids; I work part-time at an animal shelter and I enjoy knitting.”

“That sounds nice. In other words, you’re a homely type of woman.”

“Well, if you want to put it that way, yeah I am. I hope that’s not disappointing?”

“No, it really isn’t. I do enjoy hooking up with homely women. So now tell me about your love life. You enjoy having sex?”

“Oh yes, I love having it. Just that my darling husband can’t keep up with me at all, so I’ve had to look outside for assistance.”

“All right, that’s good to hear. So tell me why you’re interested in wanting to get pimped?”

Girlish laughter echoed in his ear before Marilyn answered. “Well it’s like this. As I said already, my husband has for a long time been unable to satisfy me in bed, and its been quite frustrating for me. he enjoys knowing that there’re men out there clamouring for me, and several times I’ve gone out of me to get other men’s attention. They’ve all been white, and though the few ones I’ve been with have been somewhat good ... I still feel incompletely satisfied about it. Since I became a member at that forum, seeing naked pictures of some of the black men in there ... and also picking interest in watching interracial porn movies (another pause for giggle) anyway, I just feel that I need to try me some big black cock. I can’t help picturing myself getting used like the white girls in those adult movies. And when I saw your thread post ... well, you get the idea don’t you?”

“Yes, I sure do.” Zee was growing a noticeable erection just from listening to her chatter. He pulled down his zipper and unearthed his tool out of his shorts and began stroking it while at the same time nodding his head to her words. “So tell me Marilyn, ever deep-throated anyone before?”

“Err ... well ... I really wouldn’t know ...”

“Alright let’s side-step that for now. How about anal sex, ever tried it?”

“No, no, I haven’t ... not really looking forward to it yet ... maybe in the future when I’m like ready enough. It scares me.”

“It’s always scary at first, but trust me later you’ll come to love it. Two other questions for you: where are you right now and what’re you putting on?”

Another round of girlish chuckle—Zee couldn't help it—he was really liking this woman. Just the sweet sultriness in her voice was getting him hard right there. He reckoned she would go far by the time he was done breaking into her.

“I’ve just returned home from work and I'm in my kitchen right now fixing dinner, and I’m putting on a tank top and a brown skirt. Why did you ask?”

“Just trying to take note is all. Are you feeling randy right now?”

A pause. “Well ... I don’t know if I should—”

“Well you should know, Marilyn,” Zee went on stroking his cock, his voice sounded serene as if he was talking in his sleep. “Let’s say a black man was in there standing right next to you right now and he really wanted to fuck you, tell me what would you say to him? Let your imagination run wild on this one.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been surprised that way before ... but since you asked, I guess I’d forget about cooking dinner and let him have me.”

“That’s not the appropriate sentence to use, Marilyn. Tell me you’d let him fuck you. Say that for me.”

“Okay, I would love for him to fuck me. How does that sound?”

“Perfect. When was the last time some guy made you cum? And I’m talking about explosive cum. The kind that rattles your inside all the way to your bones.”

She thought for a moment, then said: “I'm not going to lie to you, it's been so long—maybe while I fucked one of those white guys a month ago. I can barely remember it.”

“Hmmm, too bad. I’ll bet you’re anxious to want to experience that again?”

She didn’t hesitate with her answer. “Oh yes, yes, yes … very much, I’d love to.”

“Has your husband ever been there watching you getting fucked before?”

“Once, though the last time I did it was in a motel, though I did tell him about it afterwards. I know he wouldn’t mind seeing me getting fucked by a black man. I think he’d go crazy just to see me getting used.”

“What about your kids?”

“They’re away in college. The house is only me and Danny my husband.”

“That’s good to know. So you’d really like for me to give you the black cock hook-up, right? Better say it loud so I know you mean it.”

“Yes!” she affirmed. “Yes, I’d love nothing more than to have my first taste of black cock. I’ve seen, read and heard so much about it, I’d really love to try it for myself.”

“Very well then.” His hand left stroking his erection and reached for his pen and jotter pad. “I’m going to swing by your house and get a taste of that pussy first. That’s usually how I work, if you don’t mind.”

Another burst of giggles. “No, I really don’t. I’d really like to meet with you as well.”

“Okay. Let me have your home address, and tell me when you’d like me to swing by?”

“Well let’s see ... today’s Thursday, how about we make it the weekend, Saturday. I’ll be at home all through and you can come by whenever it pleases you. Here’s my address; are you ready?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” Zee listened as she narrated her address out for him. He told her he would be in touch and for her to save his number in her phone so as to get at him anytime. They exchanged pleasantries before hanging up.
Do you guys think my wife would make a sexy whore?
Would make? Or is? Of course she would make a sexy whore, too bad for u if she isn't already. My wife has went from good girl to whore and I love it. It's hard at times but I love that too. Her previous lover told her she is only to fuck black guys from now on, and not only that but can't tell any black guy no if he wants to fuck her. Said even tho I'm her husband, I'm still white, so a random black guy on the street can fuck her anytime anywhere he says, but if I (husband) want to fuck my own wife I have to call him and asks his permission. Which so far has been a "no not yet, not until she has fucked some set number of bbc he has in his mind which he hasn't told us yet. Wonder how many strange black cocks will fuck my wife before I will get to again. No telling with this guy. He enjoys making her a slut and honestly so do i. Bad thing is, she don't even know his name nor him hers. Reminds me all the time that my wife is his whore and he's gonna enjoy her as long as he wants. Said he's getting her tattooed here soon on her ass so she's marked as his for life. Smh. Then ask me if I'd like that, of. Of course I said yes I would, but inside I felt the sting! He's here for the long run and not just a one night fuck. He has taken Control of my wife. Has threatened to take her birth Control and get her pregnant with a maybe baby, threatened to tattoo her, said he might sell her pussy since it's so good, and keep all the money, let all his friends gangbang her ( partially already did) well a couple of em anyway, laughs sometimes as he tells me "wonder how long it would take me to let 100 black guys to have fucked ur wife? Maybe I'll find out, sure it wouldn't take long. Shit Like that to upset me, which it does and hurts bad but once again ..I love it and accept my role. My wonderful beautiful wife is now basically a whore. And I wouldn't change anything. What started off as the rate 3 some with whoever has turned Into this over the yrs. The past year really. I love my wife very much. Feel free to not understand. .


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If you meet the right black guy, knows what he's doing, knows his way round the Internet and cameras, has accounts on different sites and has done this sort of stuff before I think why not? If he can make a bit of cash out of what you do, then great! Long as he doesn't abuse his position too much and keeps it relaxed and fun then all good to go! X